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This is a very very touching message. It is very very religious. I hope it is a blessing to those who will read. God has a plan for us all, and we need to follow it. It's the best plan that we could even think of because it is from him. Take care everyone, and God bless!!

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God has a plan for us all. It is a special plan, made just for us. Every one of us has a different plan. No, he doesn't just grab a piece of paper out of a hat and say thats whats going to happen. It is not that kind of plan. He thinks about it. He is our God, and has made each one of us different, and each one of us are going to turn out differently when we grow up. You know, a lot of us groan at the thought of another mountain ahead, but God uses these to his advantage. He always has something good that will come out of that bad thing. There's a reason for everything. It might be to make us stronger, or maybe just to put us in our spot. All that happens is so that we stay on his path. The stuff that happens is just bringing us further along with his plan for our lives. We may not know what our plan is, but he knows for each person on this earth. The thing is. We should praise the Lord for all the good AND bad things that happen. He does it for us. Also, I'm guessing you have a question. What about our sins. Does he make them happen too? I am sorry if I have mislead you. He does not make some of these things happen, but he lets them happen. He knows we will learn from these things, but you will also notice he stops things from happening. For example, you are planning to go to this museum in New York at 3pm today. Well, you get sick on that day. At 3:30, you are watching the news. That museum has been bombed. No one survived. Wow! You were going to go there. God does things like this. Protects you. So don't think that when he lets things happen He doesn't keep you safe also. He keeps things for when you are ready. He knows what these things will make of you in the end. Therefore, He is not surprised by the outcome of any tragedies or good things. Everything is a blessing, and we have to start thanking Him for the smallest of things and the biggest of things because He deserves that. He's done so much for us. He needs to be thanked for everything. For just living another minute. Now don't get this wrong. He does not control us. Or we would be robots with no choices. He allows us to make our own choices, but He also makes sure that these choices, whatever choice it may be, has something good to come out of it. Although when you sin, this is not his plan. You are not following his path when you sin. His path is the Holy Bible. Which you should study, and follow for it is directions for you life. It is advice, if you will, that we should take into more than consideration when reading the Bible. It's something that will bring us good. He will fill us with love in the worst of situations. When we are crying, we should be joyful. You may think that I am crazy. Be happy when someone has been taken from you? Be happy when you've lost your home? How could you do that? God has a reason for everything! He will make something out of the bad! I promise he will. You have to wait. As we all say. The rainbow is at the end. Take what he gives you now and have thanks. Show people that you are christian. Run around singing Bless The Lord. Bow your head to pray in a crowded restaurant. Do not be ashamed, for we have the most amazing Father that loves us more than we could even think of. Praise God. For everything that we learn from day to day. Praise God that we should grow closer to him each day. I hope this has been a blessing, as it has been a blessing for me. I've put what my own pastor has taught me today in church and sunday school into my own words. I give a lot of credit to my pastor for all his messages. All our pastors are amazing. They have a lot on their shoulders, and you can see God working in them. Take care everyone! And God Bless!! :)


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