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A work created in 1996 as a play for a school textbook but later converted in March 2011 into a short story. It is about a devoted old man who can assist people with their problems but you must go to him.

He resides in a shrine up in the mountains and never ever leaves the shrine, voluntarily or forcefully.

One day the Chief Minister of the country badly needed help. Knowing that he is the Chief Minister, he used his position and sent an officer to fetch the Mystic. Read what happened.

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High up in the mountains lies a sacred building, the Shrine, beautifully painted in a variety of colours. Tall trees overhang the structure and the view from the shrine is breathtaking. The surroundings look eerie. A devoted mystic, lean in stature, with grey hair on the head and long grey beard, resides in the sacred shrine.

One sunny morning in late September, a day to remember, a blue land rover vehicle crawled up the narrow and treacherous road. There were two persons in the vehicle. They were muttering something to themselves. When the vehicle came to a halt in front of the route leading to the shrine, a well dressed officer in uniform disembarked. He stopped for a while then proceeded in slow paces, ensuring he had a firm footing along way to the shrine. There was many a slip here and there.

On reaching at the top of the mountain where the shrine is, he rested for a while. The atmosphere was cool and quiet. Healthy refreshing sea breeze engulfed the area. The officer then proceeded to the shrine and reached for the buzzer. The bell rang distinctly in the building.

A high pitched voice, "Who's there?" came from inside the building.

The officer replied in an authoritative voice, "A messenger from the Chief Minister."

Shortly afterwards, the door opened with a squeaking sound and there at the entrance was this tall, aged grey man, the Mystic.

"Good morning and welcome," greeted the Mystic.

"Good morning," replied the officer.

"Have a seat" pointing to an antique chair, said the Mystic.

The officer calmly made himself comfortable, scanning the surroundings where he sat with bewildered eyes.

"What do you seek?" enquired the Mystic.

"The Chief Minister seeks your audience immediately." replied the officer.

"He asked me to take you to his office," he continued speaking.

"Anyone who seeks the assistance of the Mystic comes to the Shrine." said the Mystic. "The Shrine does not leave the mountain." the Mystic emphasised.

Without any hesitation, the officer said, "I know that very well."

"Then what convinces you that I shall go?" the Mystic queried. "And if you take me you will be guilty of kidnapping!" the Mystic pointed out.

"I shall convey your words of wisdom to the Chief Minister," said the officer.

"Be careful as you go down the hill, for indeed, many came up after much effort but going down, they really went down, down ... down.

Copyright © Frank Ramtahal, 2011


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