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This story is about a little boy and his best friend. They go tougth a in the story and it is never a happy ending in this story. Watch as young Andrew and his firend Angie meet and end togther.

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Our story begins with little Angie Stone. One little soul, one little memory. Little Angie walked to school like other kids but she always either worn a small yellow dress or a green dress. Always I wonder why she did until my family moved next to hers. I was told she was killed in a shooting.. I remembered the day we meet to this day clear as yesterday. It was at the Flowerstone park when we meet. She told me she her father died in a car wreak then her mother turn to drinking for the answerer and that she was abused all the all the time. Her mother was bitter, mean and full of hate toward the world." She said to me. "And I guess my mother will never change." She said as I looked at her. I noticed that she had bruises on her arm and legs but she never said a thing about them hurting. Then my mother called me to go and I say good bye and left. I know I made a mistake now. I could have stop it from happening but I was foolish. Then next day at school I saw Angie and I talked with her and said "My mother didn't come home last night, so I didn't get a beating." She said. But I could see the bruises on her face but didn't say a thing and I knew she did not want me to worry about her so, we went to class. Our teacher Ms. Pebbles looked a her with wondering eyes. She didn't said a thing at the time but I knew she was wonder about her like me, but now I wonder if She now I think she is like me wishing we could of stop it but it was faith. Later, at lunch I notice that she had a brown paper bag and said "Do you want to come over to dinner tonight? My mom said you are welcome to come over." She looked weirdly and said "Thank you."

Later, after School my Mother came and picked us up. My mother one of the people in town that you see always active in school with me. Helping me with my school work and always at my school functions. My mother was happy to hear that she coming over and they talked for about a few minutes and my mother started to love her like a daughter she never had. She always had Father and me, so she was happy to have another girl with the family. My father was working late those days and he would come in about ten o'clock at night. My Mother would always he was ok and every thing. As we sat down for dinner, Angie seem so happy to eat with a family. After that She walked home and said "Thank you see you tomorrow at school" She told us as she walked away.

Then a few weeks pasted and Angie and I grew a friendship that was impossible to separate. The night before she died she came over and ate dinner with us again and my father had decided to take a vacation and he wanted to take Angie with us. We started to eat and Angie told us that her mother was started to go AA meetings and she became less abusive to her. Every one was so happy for her then Father later took her that night. I told her to call me when they got there and she didn't. My Father didn't come ether, Mother and me went to bed and the next morning I woke up and saw Mother on the phone with someone and then she turn to me and said "Andy" She said as she tear up as the person on the phone talked and she said "Andy," She said " Honey, Angie mother went off at your father and Angie and started to shoot at them and killing your father, Angie and her mother." I broke out in tears. My mother got back on the phone and said "One, Ok we will be there." She looked at me and said "We are going to the funnel." She said as she cried. I started to cry harder . I didn't want to believe that Angie , my best friend in the world was died. My mother looked at me and said "Angie died at the scene and your father died on his way to the hospital. I am so sorry Andy." I looked at her and said "Mother, when are we going to the funeral?" She looked at me and said "This weekend at one o'clock at Stoneflower . Everyone that knew her will be there." She said.

Then the darkest weekend to me came to us in a dark storm. As we rode to the funnel an 18 wheeler came at us. Before I knew it. My mother had garbed me and ran away from the car before it. When the eighteen wheeler hit and destroy the car, my mother and me turned to see an angel flying there and she said "Thank you Andy Rockwing. You gave me a thing I always wanted." Then I realized it was Angie as an angel and I said "You are welcome Angie but what did I give you?" She looked at me and said "What I have always wanted. A friend and a purpose to live, You gave me a purpose in life and I fulfilled it. Thanks to you." She said as she flew to haven. Went we arrived at the funnel, Ms. Pebbles was there and so. Then at the funnel the Preacher said "She was and always be a Concrete Angel. She took what the world forgot. She finally got her wish to go to a place where she is loved." Then the choir broke out sing the saddest song I have ever heard Concrete Angel. Then we went over to her grave and we saw a angel made of Concrete looking up into the sky and her on her tombstone it read:

Here lays

Angie Stone


Died in a shooting

'Concert Angel'

She never stop caring for me and still to this day she is my guardian angel. I always tell my church about this time but they never really know what truly happen like me. Why did I live by what God had set for me well God had a plan for me that involved me become a preacher in church. I, Pastor Andrew Rockwing still miss her to this day.


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