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The Truth about Life after Death

Short story By: Jason Wolf
Religion and spirituality

A wonderful story about a relationship between two women that takes them to a place where all the answers to the questions await.

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The Truth about Life after Death

Some many years ago in my late 20's I met Melissa. She answered my questions, the ones I couldn't. I felt close sometimes, but it wasn't till she showed me how to find the answers I discovered they were in front of me the whole time. The meetings and the groups we've had during last ten years are part of my life style. I wonder how my life will change without her.

This is my last visit to her house before her family cleans it out. They're all sad. I understand why, but I could never be sad for her knowing what we found. It was heaven. Not like anything anyone has ever seen or heard of. She did, she opened the door for us. That's where she's at now.

We both had a religious up bring, but fell away from traditional views. We felt they were too limiting and not enough answers in light of today's discoveries in science and archeology. I had been doing meditation when I met through a friend who I practiced with. She thought my ideas about life were fascinating and I was shocked she agreed with me so easily. Usually whenever I talked about my views I encountered resistance to the idea there was more to life than heaven and hell afterwards. But we had similar views and that made it easy for us to become best friends.

We both had daughters around the same age in high school. It so happened both of our daughters inherited their mother's curiosity of the meaning of life. As a mom who was brought up in the church I felt obligated to teach Jessie about God and Christianity. Melissa felt a similar to urge, but after we talked one night after meditating we realized we would be leading them into the same state of confusion we were in.

Melissa discovered an amazing energy that she told me about when she was meditating one night. She tried to explaining to me how to get there, but I didn't have the same knowledge Melissa had about life. She loved to learn about life. In college she studied chemistry and took several physics course that gave her something I didn't understand. It was her idea to tutor me about her views of the universe. That's when I learned about energy. Everything is made up of it. She taught me about the beginning of time and our universe.

It was that moment I began a journey of realization that woke something inside me. I began meditating in a different way. I focused on the energy inside me that was part of everything. I had been created 13 and half billion years ago. That is when everything was made. Melissa felt that we forgot about our connections with the universe, that we occupied ourselves with other things in life besides life its self.

My focus paid off one day I seen the orb that was inside of me. It was beautiful white light that glimmered and moved like water in a bubble. It had accents of red and blue that appeared and disappeared. The more I focused the more I became the orb and my body was gone. Inside of the bubble I felt like I was mist moving like smoke circulating everywhere in the bubbles space. Not only did I feel this, but I was aware of things around me in a way I had never been. I could see the entire universe all at once. It was like I was everywhere and I could go anywhere with a thought. Speed and traveling time were of no importance. This was only the beginning of the things Melissa and I discovered.

It wasn't long we realized we weren't alone. We never thought of anything besides the energy and the connection to the universe. One day when I had a revelation we were created in God's image. Melissa and I already knew that we hadn't created the orb. We only found it inside us. It was that day we when we meditated something amazing happened to us. Not only could we focus on the energy of being connected with the universe. But we could see another in our minds as white orbs. Together we traveled thru space and stars and all other kinds of magnificent things when we found ourselves not in control of direction we were going. Strangely neither of us was worried, but more curious where we were going.

The last part of space I remember being in was passing thru a giant purple and white gas cloud. When I came through I was standing alone on a beach with a beautiful sky and sun above me. I didn't see Melissa anywhere and before I could become concerned I heard a voice behind me.

"Hey don't worry she landed on the back part of the island she's ok." Said a man sitting on a log swinging his feet like a kid above the sand. He smiled at me and peeled an orange.

"You want some of this I don't what they call it, but it is delicious."

I noticed behind him there was a surf board stuck in the ground. He looked like as surfer with his long dark hair and he had a wiry build. I told sure I was up for trying some thing new. He handed me the fruit that had a flavor like nothing I had ever ate before and said to me "It's good isn't I like it too."

I had to ask him who he was and after he answered me I darn stupid. "You don't know who I am? Really? I'm what you been looking for. Everything you've always wanted to know about that's who I am."

"Your God." I said.

"What was I supposed to look like." He said and laughed. I didn't have a good response for that, but luckily he need one.

"Alright this is how it breaks down. You and Melissa are very special. You've done something only a few people in all the universes have done. Yeah that's right I said universes, but I don't have time right now for that conversation. You need to listen because this doesn't last long your first time. To answer your question yes God is more than what people know of. People are flawed they can't comprehend that so to make things simple we come to people as they accept us. Now people write stories and get things mixed up, but they got the gist of it. Follow the 10 commandment and life will be better for all. It works like this the less you put in your life that causes hate and distraction from the connection of what we have created the closer you come to us. Now as far as hell goes. I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed. Hell is a separation from the connection that brings you closer to us and to enlightenment. They get re do's, but they're missing out on a lot of cool stuff as you can see. That doesn't mean you won't end up living in some other fashion before it all said and done. You've been around here a lot long than you can remember. Humans always have that problem for some reason. The thing is life is a lot more complicated than I can explain to you right now, but to give you a glimpse think of this. Look at your hand it's made up of all kinds of other things that are alive, but your spirit connects with them to make you, you. Ok, Ok sorry that one wasn't the best example. Here let me try again, look up at the sun. Its made up f fire and gases as far as your concerned right. Well I'm going to tell you that sun is full of life, but not like you although it will eventually come to where you can connect with that life to in the future. It's a very big picture Brenee I don't expect you to get it all right now, but give it a while it will sink in."

Besides the fact Jesus pretty much explained the whole universe to me in about five minutes I was still impressed by the fact he knew my name without me telling him. I bit into my fruit and he said "last bite time to go."

When we opened are eyes we looked at each other silently grinning at one another. We grabbed each other and hugged. I will never forget holding her in my arms that day. The thing that we did that day didn't stop there. It's been a wild ride and we've learned some things, so the one thing I won't do is be sad for Melissa. I know exactly where she's at now and I hope the next time I take a journey she finds me.

The End


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