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ABOUT GHOSTS:The first Generation

By: jenny2801

Page 1, Ghosts is about if a ghost is around you,why it\'s there and how to get rid of it.If you think that spirits are cool,then you will like this story.When you read this,maybe you will think again and say,\"Well,maybe the new girl isn\'t that bad after all!\"So,if you like this story,you will maybe think I am pretty good!

Did you know that ghosts can take over your body if you don't help them with their problem? It's true! Over 10,000 people have been taken over by ghosts.Isn't that amazing? I think it is! But it's dangerous! Never try making a ghost mad.EVER! If you do,say goodbye to your life.Do you want to know how to get rid of a ghost? WELL HERES HOW!!!!!!!!! First of all,you must find 4 bananas.Then you must find a bowl of garlic,water,and bbq sauce.Next,you need to drop the bananas into the bowl and pour in the water and bbq sauce.Later,you take the bowl and you set it down in the place where the ghost likes to hang-out.But be very,very,very careful that you don't make the ghost mad! Like I said,you WILL lose your life.Now,if the ghost doesn't go away,then try to figure out what it wants you to help it with.You will here a voice in your head when it wants you to do something.When you have finished helping it,it will go away.Well,thats the end!

                                                                         THE END                                                           

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