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My understanding of God and our Cosmos in which we live.

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Who is God?

By Michael Dale Sipes, Jr.

All my life I have asked myself who or what is God? Now for the first time in my life, I feel I am beginning to understand God and the Cosmos in which we live. I believe in a supreme being, God that created the Cosmos and all that is in it and more. I believe that God is all powerful, all knowing, all seeing and is omnipresent and omnipotent in all ways. I feel that God resides in another dimension, as do the souls of those who have passed from this earth bound spiritual plane to another dimension and sphere of consciousness. We are all connected by the Earth's gravitational field and by the fabric of space itself. This fabric is much like a brane or a soap bubble, flexible and moving, not static and rigid. To us it is expanding, as a soap bubble tends to do, until it either pops or if in close approximation with another bubble combines to form a larger bubble or larger Cosmos. I believe that at times some people experience things that they refer to as ghosts or apparitions for a lack of better understanding due to the limitations of our five senses. This is the result of our dimension or brane connecting to another, ever so briefly to produce an effect that is noticeable by three dimensional beings in our four dimensional world. I feel that our Cosmos is a collection of an incalculable number of branes that have come together to form a larger and seemingly expanding universe. Sometimes one Cosmos or soap bubble may come in contact with another and at minute areas a connection is made. Most of the time these connections result in nothing but tiny anomalies we cannot register with our five senses, but at other times we do see them. As carl Sagan so elegantly demonstrated in his two dimensional flat world, a three dimensional being like ourselves would be seen as an apparition by two dimensional beings. The same applies to us insofar as we would interpret 4th dimensional beings as an apparition or ghost in our three dimensional world since we cannot see four dimensional objects as they really are. I believe that our entire Cosmos is a bubble brane that is surrounded by an infinite number of other bubble branes, like soap bubbles in a bathtub each being its own universe. God is more than I can ever imagine, more than I can comprehend and greater than anything I can perceive with my primitive human brain, even though on Earth my brain reigns supreme amid other species. God does not need my advice, does not act upon my wishes, nor does God fulfil my every wish. The only thing that I can do is to please God, by being righteous, humble and by servitude. By servitude I mean praying and giving thanks to God for the creation of not only me but the Cosmos in which I live. I no longer pray for myself but for others and for God's grace. It is only when you take the 'ME' out of prayer that I feel God is pleased. There is also a huge difference between honest humble prayer and wishful thinking or praying. I used to pray for everything I wished for, or for every sin I made and then felt comforted, but now I pray with honesty and speak to God with respect, and pray with genuine words and thoughts that if I do not feel inside my heart or soul, I do not speak it. For I feel that God only deserves honest, genuine prayers, not wishes or deceit even if only in the mind. I wish to understand more about other cultures and more about myself and God through reading of scripture, meditation and prayer. My beliefs are quite complex, but at one time I foolishly did not believe in God because my scientific, logical mind could not understand and accept the word, FAITH. I then progressed to being an agnostic because as I grew older and wiser I realized that to say there is no God, required proof and I had none. Now that I have matured even more and have a better understanding of myself, my place in the Cosmos and how infinitesimally small I am compared to the size of the Cosmos I have had a revelation of sorts. I have had a rebirth and found and understood FAITH for the first time in my life. That day was an energetic charge of excitement that filled my body and spirit for several days. I felt reborn and awakened spiritually and closer to God than ever before. I do not know what event or thought evoked such an awakening but all that matters is that I am alive for the first time in my entire life. I am still a sinner and I pray daily for forgiveness of my sins and transgressions but that is not an excuse to sin. My goal is to learn how to be as close to God as humanly possible while I am here in this spiritual earth bound plane, awaiting my passage to the next sphere of consciousness. For some this search means spending billions of dollars on the large Hadron Collider looking for the equivalent of God's DNA, for other's it's involves a spiritual trek to spiritual and divine places such as Jerusalem or Mecca, in Saudi Arabia. But for me to get close to God all I have to do is look in the mirror, what I see is God's creation, made in his own image. It does not take billions of dollars or even leaving your own home to know God, all it takes is Faith and the understanding that there is a force greater than yourself or anything you could ever imagine that created everything you know and don't know. This is what God means to me.


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