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The Star of Bethlehem(North's Story)

Short story By: Mistress of Word Play
Religion and spirituality

The story of North and the important part this star played on the baby Jesus' birthday.

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"It was many years ago," the fast aging star whose name was North said to me one night, "when I was the one chosen to light the way to the Savior's birthplace."

"Really," I said smiling, "it was you who led the Magi to Bethlehem?"

"Yes," the star insisted, "it was a time of war and hatred when the entire world was broken and torn. I was but a child then, a nothing cast into the inky black of night. I remember the other stars would taunt me for I was not as beautiful as I am now."

I sat there on my front porch watching my new found friend stretching out into the night sky. A bright white light emanated from its core and pierced the darkness.

"Do tell me more," I answered, "it seems I have a bit of time to listen."

"I was here as I have always been," North said glistening a little brighter, "but it seems my fellow stars were all so much more beautiful and brighter than I. They would call me little no light or the burned out starling. It hurt so much that I more and more would keep to myself. My fate seemed to be one of mundane obscurity and I had accepted this fact to be true. The only friend that I really had was Mr. Moon he tried to console me and at times told the most wonderful stories. Time passed as it had from the beginning and I watched the earth below with a curiosity spawned from boredom."

"You were not as bright then as you are now?" I asked my friend.

"Oh, no!" the star exclaimed, "My true beauty came later. The other stars and I had received word from the Creator that He was sending an Angel to choose one of us to be the guiding star when the Baby Jesus was born. The Creator said the baby would bring peace, love, and salvation to mankind. This news caused a bit of excitement among my brother and sister stars; it also caused conflict, jealousy, and animosity to occur. For you see to them they believed they had the brightest most beautiful light and should be given the honor as lighter of the way."

"Did you not feel worthy of the privilege?"I asked in astonishment.

"No the others taunting me all that time had made me feel inferior." North explained in her strong yet gentle voice. "I had no hopes of every being selected so I waited and watched in anticipation as did the others. It was on December 23 of that year when Gabriel came to visit us. He caused quite a stir among the heavens and all who saw him seemed to love him. Why even some of the lady stars blushed as he presented himself to them. The mood was very festive and he praised each of the stars for shining so magnificently." North finished and paused for a moment stretching his beams out a little further.

"That must have been truly amazing," I said completely absorbed by the story.

"Yes it was." North replied smiling, "It was then that Gabriel came to my side and looked me up and down right proper. I did try to shine a little brighter but to no avail. I apologized to him and told him this was the best I could do. Gabriel touched me gently and smiled.

"It will be you my friend he said to me that will herald the way to the Savior. When it is time say these words, behold a Savior is born unto thee, and God will take care of the rest."

I was in shock and started to protest, but Gabriel had already gone. He had flown back to heaven as quickly as he had appeared."

"Really," I exclaimed, "that must have been so wonderful!"

"Not at the time," North answered, "but later yes. On December 24 I watched as Mary and Joseph made their way to Bethlehem. She was so very beautiful and I remember the peaceful look on her face. I tried ever so hard to become brighter so they might see better, but nothing happened. I observed their entry into Bethlehem and watched as the babe was born in a stable. Then as I was instructed to do by Gabriel I spoke the words, behold a Savior is born unto thee, and the most amazing thing occurred. I could feel a heat rising inside my core and a new brilliance lit up the sky. Each time I repeated the words I continued to grow warmer and my light increased as well. The other stars marveled at my new found zeal and energy. I stretched my light as far as I could and bathed the child in that wondrous light. He was the most precious sight I have or will ever see."

"Such a lovely story," I sighed smiling at North.

"They came from far and near to see Him. Across the sands of time and destiny they followed my light to their new King of salvation and love."


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