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The first chapter in a short story

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The Boarding Call
Orion Michael Prince
May I have your attention please will all passengers flying to the Third Heaven on board flight 747 please make your way to gate 7-11 and have your boarding passes ready for inspection.
It is been called to our attention that many false passes have been distributed throughout the world. We will need to examine them closely to see that they have not been forged. For the evil one has planned to fill our flight with his seed those whose hearts are filled with malice and greed.
So it is at this time the Captain is going to separate those holding true passes from those holding counterfeit passes. Those holding true passes will be able to immediately get on board but those holding counterfeits will be held and examined closely by the judges to see whether or not they may be worthy to receive a true pass.
The judges are like trained custom agents who spot counterfeit money. They are able to do this easily because they have been spending so much time examining true passes that they spot the fake with a glance.
Many of you have been examining your passes for years in anticipation to boarding this flight but still many cannot recognize those holding true passes and those holding counterfeit passes.
The Captain has embedded many features into true passes to help you spot counterfeits, like the tongue that confesses that Jesus is Lord, and that those holding true passes are filled with love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, kindness, and self-control
But remember Satan masquerades as an angel of light so it is no wonder that his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness and these are the ones distributing counterfeit passes
They may seem legit at first but like it is written in your manual, to be aware of counterfeit ticket agents, and that many have gone out into the world selling counterfeit passes. For they look like they have a true boarding pass but when examined closely they have many flaws that give them away.
If you suspect that you may have a counterfeit boarding pass or the person beside you may be holding one. Do not be alarmed take the pass and hold it closely to the light and you will be able to see the flaws clearly.
If you have a fake pass or the person next to you has one, be very alarmed and work with all your might to obtain a true pass. But remember, this does not mean the Captain does not want to allow you on His flight. For he is merciful and hopes that each and every one of you gets a chance to take His flight and He reminds you there is a short amount of time to obtain a true pass.
Our pilot, The Captain for this flight, is Michael called the Great Prince or sometimes referred to as the Angel given name Ark
He is a very capable pilot who learned His trade from His Father who in addition will co-pilot this flight just for added protection. The Holy Spirit will comfort, guide, teach and wash all our feet so that we are unblemished, spotless and without wrinkle made white by the cleansing blood of the Lamb.
The Three of them have one mind, one will, and one purpose to see that this flight is on time and takes off without delay.
There is time to exchange counterfeit passes for real passes but you must do it quickly for the time of departure will not be delayed even by one second.
For the Captain and His Father want to take a Sabbaths day rest after this flight so that they may spend as much time with each of you as the righteous rest from their labours.
We will be serving a light in-flight meal consisting of bread and wine, just a light lunch to hold the bellies from growling, until we arrive. When we arrive we will feast for many days for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb has come for his bride has made herself ready.
We will be making scheduled stops around the world including Phoenix Arizona, Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles and of course Northern California so the Captain can spend time with His sweet baby yeah.
The aircraft we are about to embark has been named Angels Force One it has been built by the Captain and is lifted up by the hands of His angels. It was first conceived before the foundation of the world and was finally built to completion on the day of Calvary, when the Lord said, it is finished.
There is also great tribulations going to come against this aircraft but the Captain does not want you to be alarmed for He is a capable pilot. For everything He knows and does was taught to Him by His Father the President of Archangel Airlines.
He is the Rock cut out without human hands and with a Word he will smash all the mountains that are rising up in the clouds. When he talks to His Father and He thinks of the Bride He cries out Abba Father of her I AM proud
Also the Captain will address you shortly concerning weather patterns that may threaten our flight in particular to those near Israel to the North and South of the BeautifulLand.
That is all for now hope you all have a safe and enjoyable flight and we thank you for flying Archangel Airlines.


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