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Chapter two

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The Flight Attendant
Orion Michael Prince
Good evening all passengers on behalf of Archangels Airlines I would like to thank you for choosing to fly with us. This flight will be piloted by Michael the Great Prince also known as the Angel given name The Ark.
He is a mysterious man who has been training and patiently waiting for this one flight all His life. He was trained by His Father the President of Archangels Airlines, El Shaddai, as you were told in the Boarding Call.
I would like to call your attention to the rear, middle and front of the cabin where emergency exits are normally found on all airplanes. But this aircraft has none of these things for the Pilot has great faith and He has no time to doubt. He already knows the entire flight plan and all tribulation that this flight will encounter.
I would ask that you buckle your waists with the three stars of Orion's belt, which is the belt of truth, they are the three angels that are flying in the heavens.
The first has the eternal gospel to preach to every nation tribe language and people he shouts in a loud voice fear God and give him glory for the hour of his judgement has come worship him who made the heavens the earth the sea and the springs of water
The second follows and calls Fallen fallen is Babylon the great which made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her adulteries
The third angel cries do not worship the beast his image or receive the mark of his name upon the forehead or the hand now on with the plan
Put on the breastplate of righteousness knowing that God is going to raise the dead at the end of the flight and tread the winepress of the wrath of His God with all the Spirits might
Please remove your footwear for the flight deck of this flight is Holy Ground and kiss the brethren with a Holy kiss for this doctrine is sound.
Under your seat you will find golden slippers for your feet. Please place your golden slippers on and preach the good news of the gospel of peace to every man woman and child and yes to every tree
Take up the shield of faith as to extinguish all the flaming missiles that the evil one has planned to take down our flight and remember justice for the orphan and the widow this is right.
Take the helmet of salvation and know that you are saved that's right saved from the grave. Our Lord and Saviour made a promise to His God and Father not to lose one of those which He was given by the Father and that He shall raise the dead on the last day
Take up the Sword of the Spirit and wield it fast and hard against all deception and unsound doctrine which the evil one has planted in the fields in which we eat. The promises within your heart are planted deep and have no worries the elect cannot be deceived
And pray in the Spirit always praying for the saints and also for your Captain so that like Paul He will make known the mysteries of the Gospel and that He shall declare it fearlessly as He should.
If you have any questions concerning our flight the Captain is available to answer all your questions. Thank you again for flying Archangels Airlines.


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