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2nd side story to orynnfireheart's "A '666' Step Program"

Short story By: poet 3
Religion and spirituality

this is another story derived from orynnfireheart's "a '666'step program"!

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"Hmmm..." That sounds like a decent proposition.
"What'd you say?" The Demon asked rather impatiently.
"Well, I guess, But just for a day!" I replied hastily.
We got up and walked out the door, leaving the group far behind. I look at the demon next to me and wonder what it would be like to live a day as him. Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough, I wonder if I'll like it?
We started down the street and He started talking.
"So...I'll explain what you have to do as a demon and you tell me how to be an Angel!"
"Demons have certain principles we follow, First, we never show mercy! It is considered heinous to show mercy. Secondly, We don't like Angels and they are our rivals, so if you don't want to kill a friend, I suggest you don't go near any Angels for the day! That's about it for us, so what do I have to do?" He asked when he was finished.
"Well, we don't like violence, we hate demons but before we kill them, we try to save them, And we always show mercy, well to humans anyway!" So that was it for my part!
I wonder if I can do this Demon thing? Oh well, give it a try Lucifer, you might like it!
"So, we start now then?" He asked.
"Sure, why not?"
I walk next to him, transferring my limited Angel Guidance into him.
He turns to me and places his hand on my shoulder, showing me multiple ways to torture a soul and corrupt a human, He also threw in his favorite methods of killing into me.
We parted ways a little farther down the street and started looking for some fun.
I found a small human child looking like he hadn't taken a bath in years, I decided he was my first target. I lowered myself to the ground and wondered how I would do it.
After I sorted through the various ways I chose my favorite and went with it, by the time I was finished I left a blood stain and a pair of shoes where the child had been standing.
I found myself enjoying the scene I had just left.
Wow, I've never felt so good in my entire existence in heaven, if this is what being a Demon feels like I'll never go back to being what I was!


Wow, saving that child's soul from hell was better than sending it there, I think this might be what I was looking for, my entire life! The Demons eyes were shining bright blue in the sunset, looking skyward and holding out his arms toward heaven.

Is the day really over? And I was just starting to have fun too! Well I guess I have to stop and meet the Demon now, man I was really enjoying myself here... I get up from where I had been sitting and walk out of the alley to the street where I had started that day.
The Demon came down from the opposite end and stopped about five feet from me.
"Enjoy yourself Angel?" He asked politely.
" You can drop the act, the days over." I said In my most menacing voice.
"Well, so can you Mr. Sinister Voice From Hell!" He replied
"I really enjoyed myself today, how about you?" I said, disregarding the insult.
"Truly? I've never felt better!" He shouted
The stunned look on my face threw him into fits of giggles.
"Oh, come on, you know you enjoyed yourself just the same!"
"So maybe I did, and get one thing straight, I am not giving up my new power!" I said as a challenge.
"I don't care, you can have 'em!" the Demon shouted happily,
"that means I get to keep yours! And I wouldn't give 'em back if you threatened the wrath of god upon me!" He finished.
"Get out of my sight Angel, And when we meet again, I shall have no mercy upon you, my name is Lucifer, I hope you will someday remember it with fear!" I growled. And Angel he had become, there was no turning him from his new found path.
"Well my old friend I hope all Demons will remember MY name with fear, Gabriel!" He responded.
And with that, Gabriel and Lucifer parted ways.


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