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By: poewhit

Page 1, Billy comes into relevations of GOD,which have profound affects on him.

        Again BILLY waited for Camille. Being as she was,she teased him by not showing up behind the closed school. Camille,also heard about the plunger,this set a resolution in her mind. BILLY though could forget about everything and everyone by contemplation. He mused in his mind,the grand exploites of the SUPER-GRAND-MEGA-SLAM-UNIVERSAL-GRAVITY-COMPRESSOR. He knew now, that he could compress the universe into a ball and give it to the OLD WHITE HAIRED MAN,for his now deep money room.

       BILLY left the school yard. He walked away to the taunts of the OMEGA GANG calling him. "HAY BILLY BABY,COLLECTION TIME." He found his way to the park and the smoothness of the grass under the APPLE TREE. Before he could realize it,slumber and relms of the dream world encompassed him.

       He,BILLY,saw himself on a path of life. He came to a clearing. There in the clearing walking and chanting to themselves in a religious maze,were people. They held small icons in their hands. Spending hours on end worshipping. Making oaths of grave deliverance. Statues of the ICONS presented themselves, in large form surrounding the people. The, { GOD ICONS }, talked and showed pictures to the people,RIGHT IN THE PALM OF THEIR HANDS.

       People ritualized the pushing of buttons. Sounds of reverance, came from all at different times. They sat on benches in bowing positions for hours on hours of time. ALL worshipping the, { GOD ICONS } in their hands. He remembered" MOSES and the GOLDEN CALF in the BIBLE." TEARS were coming from BILLYS eyes. Pain and upset,crying and HOWLINGS upon HOWLINGS.

      BILLY-ITS TIME FOR CHURCH.YOU'LL BE LATE, HURRY UP.  His MOMS voice was a guardian angel.    THE  END



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