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By: poewhit


     We all fall short of the glory of GOD. Even JESUS stated ,that he was

not good, that only GOD was good. GOD, through devine will created the

universe. Bringing into reality, matter from spiritual energy. Maybe there

was something to Einsteins theory. With GOD, all things are possible.

One must put on a suit of armor, made from rightness. Shielding the

soul from the lusts of mortal life.

      JESUS, was brought back to life by the devine will of GOD. Proving

by his resurrection, that GOD was real. Parting the RED SEA in the

flight of the JEWS from Egypt. JESUS, the son of GOD changed water

into wine. Making it better, than the first consumed. Plus, the greatest

next to JESUS resurrection, the raising of Lasaruz from the dead.

        There a dead corpse,probably stinking and rotting, came forth from

the burial cave alive. Many were awe-struck and realized the powers

of GOD. Faith in GOD is the cornerstone of reaching GOD. Once

a person gains true faith, all things are possible.

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