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This story is about a baptist church who won't allow a Satanic church to be in their town. A lot of stuff happens a lot of people die and demons enter the mix.

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Reverend Jones was the head pastor at Everlasting Arms First Baptist Church. He was a man of peace, but his Deacon Wesley Smith was not. They had been arguing about the Satanic church that opened up a month and a couple of weeks earlier. Deacon Smith was in uproar about it since day one of its founding. Almost Everyday since it arrived Deacon Smith called meetings in the church to have a petition started to get them out their town, and if they refused to get those satanist out of their town they would do it by force. Reverend Jones agreed it was okay to sign the petition, but it was not okay to conduct any kind of violence. So on the second week of the satanic church's arrival ,the whole congregation and other concerned people of the community signed the petition to get the Satanists out of their town, but their petition was denied and the church was allowed to stay. It was found out later that the satanist had a member who worked in the town hall who made sure the petition never reached the right people. This infuriated Deacon Smith and he called another meeting.

The deacon was furious in this meeting . Not only was these satanist in power over them , now they were stealing peoples pets . A little boy being held by his mother was crying because his puppy was found dead near a cemetery. The man who found the boys puppy went up to the cemetery and saw a disgusting sight . Dead dismembered animals lay all over the place including on the graves and tombstones. He called 911 , The police arrived and cleaned up the situation. The next day in the paper they gave gruesome details. The animals were not merely killed, but they found human semen in the cavities of the mutilated animals. The only words that describe what the Satanist did would be , inhuman and demonic . Even though it was known who did it, and the only people who hang out at that graveyard at night, no official action was taken against the satanists. It was found out a while later that the satanist had people on the police force who cleaned up the mess. Deacon Smith called another meeting after the paper came out and this time he was in a full rage, this time so were the congregation. Most of the people had guns and other weapons and was ready to take care of the satanists themselves. Reverend Jones pleaded them down, but Deacon Smith wouldn't stand for his talk of love thy enemy sermons. "Stop it right there Rev!" How can you love your enemies when they are beyond humanity ! "You all read the paper you know what sickness these demons are capable of ! Rev I'm a man of God too and I believe in the turning of the other cheek, but God! to turn your cheeks with these monsters and they'll cut it off and eat it ! As we speak, they're down in that cemetery calling up demons and doing all sorts of sins and we are doing nothing but praying! There comes a time when a man has to defend himself from the evil thats attacking , and trust me they are coming for us next we need to be ready !" The congregation was in an uproar they were ready to fight, but the Reverend stopped their applause and began talking them down. "People I know your frustration, but fighting this way will only get you hurt , for it is not the way of God! Believe that God will keep you safe in the presense of thy enemies . Remember psalms 27 verse 2; When the wicked advance against me to devour me,it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall ! "Have faith in God and you don;t have to worry about these evil ones !" The church calmed down and started listening and Deacon Smith started trying to get them up again, but the Reverend shut him down and asked him to leave . Before he walked out the door, he said these words: "So thats how it is ? Were going to let the satanist know were a bunch of cowards who will wait on God when he made us able body to defend ourselves? Okay, I'll leave , but mark my words these Satanist aren't finished. Just as sure as I'm here speaking to you they WILL strike again, and when they do it'll be one of us just to show who they are and that they absolutely no respect for us . With that he walked out, leaving the church to mummer amongst themselves. Finally the reverend led them in prayer .

Just as the Deacon said two weeks ago the satanist struck again , and it was the members of the church. On Wednesday nights the church has little programs for the youths of the church , that usually end around 9:00 p.m.. . The community was safe so parents sometimes let their kids be out sometimes at night , especially if they were just coming from the church home. This Wednesday 16 year old Melanie Thomas, and her two school friends Amy and Chelsea were walking their little brothers and sisters home from the church when a gang of men in purple cloaks and strange masks came out of know where and tried to kidnap the girls. The girls fought but they were no match for their attackers. The little girls screamed as the little brothers of the 16 year old girls tried to fight the men . The men viciously kicked and beat the little boys. They broke the little boys ribs, and gave one a severe concussion when they kicked him. One of the masked started towards the little girls , but one of the other masked men held him back and told him to come on. The little girls stood there crying until one thought to run home and tell her mom.The little girls mom had already called 911, but nothing could prepare her for what she saw. Seeing these to little children on the ground like that twisted her heart, and made tears automatically fall out her eyes , but she stayed strong until some other people arrived. The police told them that they couldn't file a report about the missing girls until 24 hrs. Exactly 24 hours after the police said that the whole community and church was there with the parents of the girls to file a report . 3 days passed and the girls were finally found on the 4th day, but in different places. They were alive ,for the most part, but they were on the brink of death. Chealsea was found in an abandoned building on the outskirts of town with "Satan's Slut" written all over her naked body in blood red ink, poor Amy was found in a dug ug up hole in some woods ,with bags of animal organs surrounding the hole, and Malanie was foung in a casket in the back of the cemetary where the satanist congregate. Only one of 3 the girls was sexually assaulted, but sickest thing thay all had snakes inserted into the bodies.

When the recent crime happened Deacon Smith showed in church that Sunday in his best suit. Before he arrived the people were yelling at the reverend about telling them to not do anything, but when they saw the Deacon they all stopped and came to him . The Deacon walked confidently past all of them and went up to the pulpit, not saying a word to anybody, and sat down in the deacon seat behind the preachers podium not saying a word, and pretending he was reading his bible. The Reverend motioned for the organ player to begin playing so the people would stop yelling, but they wouldn't stop, and started chanting for the deacon to speak. The reverend said a few words and someone would insult him and start another chant for the deacon to speak. Finally the reverend gave in and give the floor to the deacon who acted like he didn't even care that this was happening. Finally he sauntered up to the podium and began speaking and the church became obediently silent." It took all this to get you to see." 3 girls from our very church beaten and raped, and they inserted snakes into their body!" I looked it up those satanist were taking virgin girls and doing this to mock the Holy Mother Mary!" "Those poor girls are probably ruined for having children, because those snakes messed up their organs to represent demons ! " Two little boys in the hospital one for concussion and brain damage, the other ribs completely broken, but we listen to our "Reverend" who tells you to wait for God to save you! True you wait for God, but God also gave you good sense to know when to defend your own damn selves !" We can't blame nobody for this not even the reverend." We listened to him when we know we should've been defending ourselves and getting rid of these monsters before something like this happened !" Now here we are ."People do you know what I found just today as I walked in here." "Pearson! bring that box in here and be careful !" Pearson was a boy around the age of 17 who became Smith's right hand man after his girlfriend Amy was kidnapped. Pearson came in carrying a big purple box carefully like he was scared of it. He had on work gloves while he carried it. Pearson sat the box down right in the front of the sanctuary at the alter ,where everybody in the church could see. Then the deacon ordered him too open the box . When Pearson opened the box a large snake made a hissing sound and held up his head and the congregation gasped. "You see their mocking us now !" Showing one their not through and two we have an incompetent leader who isn't strong enough to know when it time to fight back ! " The deacon came down from the podium and reached into his coat and pulled out gun and aimed it at the snakes head. BANG! The shot took the the head clean off the serpent and it fell in the box lifeless. " I'm not claiming I'm the leader, I'm not claiming that I'm God or better than anyone else.' But, the one thing I know is is its time to defend ourselves and stop following the leadership of a weak man!" The congregation jumped up and cheered for almost 5 minutes and when they finally calmed down the Deacon spoke again. Tonights the night we end this for good. "This Sunday is a full moon they'll most definitely be in that graveyard tonight ,and thats where were going to show them that we will not be slaves under their evil ! Go home and get you weapons and be back here at 6 p.m.. and lets get these monsters out of out town !" With booming applause the men went out with families behind them to prepare for the night raid. Pearson was ordered to do something and ran and did it. The Deacon looked at the reverend in disgust , watching the reverend even ,now just praying . The deacon walked off and left him there.

After the meeting at the church at 6 the reverend tried to plea with them one last time, but he was pushed aside and ignored as the men went marching down to the graveyard. By the time they arrived the it was dark and sure enough the satanist were in the cemetery. The satanist were right in the act of smearing animal blood all over their bodies and saying this chant. "I am the third six in the 666, I'm anointed by the blood in the river Styx" . After each one of this slathered the blood on their bodies and said the chant they rolled around on the ground acting like snakes. Some of the others were holding hands and chanting something in a different language , Angered by this the deacon through the box with the dead snake they left at the church at the head of one of the satanist and he went down. When this happened deacon screamed charge and the congregation and other concerned people in the community came at the satanist with everything they had. The satanist were prepared for something like this and had legions of their own, people hiding in the wings waiting for something like this. The fight became a full blown battle , with people dying in great numbers on every side. The deacon killed many satanist and was working his way to the head one who did not move a muscle even when the deacon killed his security. He just stood there and smiled looking at the deacon, who killed another satanist in response to the head Satanist smirk . Finally the police came, but they would only kill the congregation people. The deacon pulled out a grenade a threw at a large number of cops that killed most of his congregation, the explosion killed two Satanist and 5 cops and made the cops retreat. all the while the satanist stood there now smiling at the deacon. Finally the head Satanist raised his hands, and demons came up from the ground and killed everyone , until all that was left was the head satanist and the deacon. The deacon tried to hit the head Satanist but demon slashed him down with his claws. The Satanist laughed as the deacon went down and thats when that very same demon killed the head satanist. The demons left the cemetery and started killing everyone in the town at will . Within and hours time every human thing in that small town was dead. Once the demons had no one left to kill they left. The government didn't know how to explain what happened so declared that the county never existed and removed it from all records . There was only one person to survive and tell the tale the old reverend, but after surveying the town the old reverend laughed and looked at the carnage. He figured why bother his work was done, with an evil laugh he turned into his true form , Satan himself and walked off down the street of the city and disappeared.


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