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A look at how a man can find himself by the wonders of the mind and soul within.

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It was only going to be a short walk that evening to enjoy the cool night breeze and to relax. However I found myself intrigued by a shadow that seemed to follow me where ever I went. At first I gave it no thought, but that soon changed by my own curiosity. The shadow was of a man it seemed but I could not be sure as the distance and the night time made it hard to see clearly. I gathered up my courage and went in the direction of where I had seen the outline of someone. To my surprise he was there waiting on me as if he was expecting me to appear. He was an older gentleman who resembled me of all people and it took me by surprise. I asked him, "old man why are you shadowing me on this Summer night"? He then made a statement that quite shocked me. "Am I shadowing you or are you here because Summer is almost over and Winter is appearing just over the hill? Summer, Winter, what was he talking about I thought. The old man told me to walk with him and things will be shown to me that I must come to understand while it is still time to make amends for a past life full of sorrow and pain that I had caused many people I had known over the years. The thought of him saying that made me think that he was insane but now I was caught up into what he had said to me and I decided to walk with him just a little farther to find out what he was speaking of. I asked him if I may ask a question but he told me the time is not right at this moment and to remain silent for awhile. As we began to walk he told me of things that only I knew from my past , things that I had forgotten and when it was brought up to me I was ashamed. Remember the times when you were so young and free in this world and you took no thought of anyone but yourself? How you mistreated people you met and the life you led as if there were never going to be any judgment for you in later life. What judgment I asked? The old man then said in a very loud voice, "I told you to be silent until the time comes for you to ask what you may or I allow you to ask" It was then that the tongue in my mouth became silent and could not speak. I was now scared and frightened of him. As the moon came from behind the clouds and I got a clear look at the old man it was if I was looking into a mirror and saw me in him. I can not explain what went through my mind as if I was dumbfounded and confused at the same time. The old man saw the look on my face and it was as if he could read my mind but what happened next shocked me. He had a smile on his face and at the same time pity for me it seemed. We walked a little farther and he told me "you may ask a question at this time but only one" I asked him, "why is it we look so much alike" There were many other questions I wanted to ask but did not dare bring them up as he told me "one question and one is all at this time." What you see in me is you at an older age with life's sinking Sun just around the corner" "I have come to you to set you free of yourself and to hopefully give you a chance to realize that time is so short and not all of life is as sweet as you think it is" "You have a family that depends on you, a wonderful home with a high paying position at a major firm, and you think that tomorrow will never come as you enjoy all of this without thinking of tomorrow and what it will bring upon you and your family" " Let me tell you this and I will only allow you one question more after I have spoken" "Have you given any thought of tomorrow and the past at the same time" "Yes, the past is over but you reap what you sow and you think that your past deeds have gotten you what you have" "You are right in that thought, but the way that you received these things was so wrong. Always you, and never no one else you cared about in this life mattered" "Now the time has come for recompense of these matters" He then told me to ask my question and to choose it wisely. I thought long and hard and asked the old man, "I do not understand your words as I have tried to live right and gave to many charities and always made a good living for my family" The old man gave a sorrowful look at me and told me in a very stern voice, "Why is it so hard to understand my telling you these things" "Be still and silent and I will plainly tell you. The understanding from now on is up to you and you alone so pay close attention as if your life depended on it as it does" "Your life is about over and you have no remorse for the things you have done or the people you have hurt over the years no matter what you have done to try to make up for them. Heed the words of this old man to a young man as we are the same man. I speak in no riddle and the answer too all of your questions are here in front of you to see through me this Summer night. The hurt and pain you have caused others will come back to you as you will reap what you sow. It is upon you now even though you do not realize it. I have come to set you free of yourself and to make a way for you to be the young man that can silent the past and you may have eternal life in joy and happiness. Not only am I you, but am many men that others can rely on to have a wonderful and peaceful life. You see young man, I, even I, am the Lord Jesus Christ that made a way for all of mankind to have life free of sin and to look forward to the day when I come back to be the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. And when I return everyone's reward will be given out as they have done on this Earth which is only a temporary home. Look towards me young man and I will lead you to eternal life full of joy and your hearts desire. Do your best young man and I ask nothing more and I will take your hand and lead you through this life by my blessings and protection. I have gave all for you on the cross when I removed Death's bar and made a way for all of mankind to dwell with me and the Father in paradise. There is now no need to ask questions as all has been explained and it is up to you to understand all that I have told you this night. I fell at His feet to worship Him as he had opened my eyes and heart spiritually, but he touched me from within and I knew at that instant that all would be right and happiness filled me to the very soul that He had given me from birth. I looked up to thank Him but He was not there but could hear the Son of God through the Holy Spirit telling me, "well done and be assured that the Master is happy with you and He sends his blessings. From that moment forward I was a different person and now am so happy that my sins have been forgiven. I will try my best to please the Lord and by doing so I know I will please others as Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and my example. Praise God.


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