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A philosophical short story.

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I invited Genius and Love to walk with me through the path of life. They were my tools, my children, everything I wish I could be, and everything I thought I needed to make it through the realm driven by the cold winds of time. I ventured, never straying, ignoring the cries of Hate, Reason, and Truth. All three of those to me where an illusion.
One day, the three caught up with me as I rested under a tree in a clearing I found alongside the path. Such clearings where rare and it might have been a long time before I could rest again. Slowly, they made their approach, afraid of startling me so much I would run away; however, I did no such thing, for I was ready to take on whatever they had to say.
"Dear child," Truth began, "why have you chosen not to take us along with you on the path of life?"
"First of all, Truth, I am no longer a child. Secondly, all of you are illusions and Genius and Love are what I need to make it through this path. They are separate from you, for their reality liberates me from the foolish perception that such things exist."
The three laughed at my answer, leaving me in a state of bewilderment. How dare they laugh at my answer? The more I thought about it, the angrier I became but before I could respond, Reason spoke:
"You are simply a child of the universe, and I assure you, none of us are illusions; for if we were you could simply will us away with your mind but as you will find, you are not able to do such a thing. Lost is the one who believes his perceptions, foolish is the one who believes his consciousness is that which surrounds him, and fallen is the soul who allows the words of others to become his truth! Those who believe life is here and now will falter if they fall too deeply within their own lives without lifting their heads to understand the joys and woes of another."
I could not respond to such a thing. I felt my foundation upon which all of my thoughts stood slowly start to crumble; weakening with Reason's every word. In many ways, I wanted to remain in a state where my theories on life were the truth! Reason continued:
"You may be alive and breathing but the fact you are severed from the world indicates you are not living life; for being alive and living life are not one in the same. One can be alive, observe those they encounter, and then choose to live life by interacting with others when needed. One can also consume themselves with interaction from the beginning and learn how to deal with others as time goes on. There is foolishness in both methods, and of course one may find compromise between the methods, but these are the basic extremes to choose from."
I knew I was defeated in more ways than one. I turned to gaze into the abyss of time, allowing myself to be lost in the void, which not only grew as enlightenment hit me, but also tore a large, empty hole into my soul. Knowing the path was more than I bargained for made me disenchanted with only the two tools I had carried. Then stubbornness hit me and I felt as if I must try to finish what I started, that I must win this argument! I did the first thing that came to mind; I attempted to turn Reason, Hate, and Truth against one another.
"Truth, why do you allow Reason to speak for you?! That is right, you hide in the shadows while men die over their created truths until Reason comes in and cleans up the mess in which you have created through silence! Reason, why do you allow Truth to push you around so much?! Surly you can disprove his place in our world. Hate, you can overtake them both since men naturally resort to Hate before they do Reason. And, of course, men will hate other men because of the truths they create! You can overtake either one of them and consume the world!"
They all stared at me as if I where deranged. For a moment, I thought maybe I had silenced them but this thought was quickly vanquished.
"You have Genius by your side and yet you cannot use it, such a pity!" Hate proclaimed with a scoff, "I do not believe I will ever know how you managed thus far! Why are you even promoting me with Love at your side? How dare you resort to advocating I take over?! It is clear that you do not know Love! You walk with your tools beside you and never have you figured out how to use them. Do you know why this is happening to you? Do you know why you cannot know Love? It is because you cannot know Love until you know me. You cannot know Genius until you know Reason. You cannot know Truth until you consume yourself in all and then break free from the lies."
"Why do I need you to know Love?" I pleaded.
"It is because you cannot compromise between such extremes. If once where to figure out a way to balance all the Truth and lies, all the Love and Hate, everything that is extreme in this world, then they would cancel each other out therefore erasing all existence! You need to experience both to fully understand this life! It is vital you do not allow yourself to be consumed by my powers, but that you understand them. Give me someone worth fighting and not someone I can easily destroy!"
I was in tears at this point. It was as if someone reached into my mind, threw it on the ground, stomped on it, then threw it back into my head. Then I realized I must surrender myself to them. I had to make sure I took all I could from their wisdom in order to advance upon the path any further.
"You spoke of tools. What are they? Where can I obtain them?"
"The tools needed vary between each individual, depending on their situation, talents, environment, and so on," Reason chimed. "But to fully live life is to utilize as many tools as possible. I will not sit here and list what these tools are, for there are far too many, but to seek them out and use them to their fullest is an essential through-out all of one's life. Never will one discover all the tools and never will one use them to their fullest, but one will live a more fulfilling life if they apply as many tools as possible to their lives."
"What of death? When do I compromise? What if I cannot find any more tools to use? Can I always call upon you for answers? Why…"
Truth held up its hand and silenced my questions. It was then I noticed that Hate and Reason were no where to be found. I almost started to panic; my eye growing wild at the thought I lost any knowledge they could have presented unto me. Truth, noticing my confusion pointed to my head and smiled, then with a soft voice spoke for the first and last time:
"Aim for the impossible, dream the unimaginable, and allow yourself to venture through the forbidden and unknown. You will find me everywhere you go on your journey through all the realms of time and space. Look for that which is crushed to the ground, if it rises again, then you know I am with you. Take comfort in the beauty of the chaos and embrace the mystery, allow its beauty to lead you to find the order that lies underneath. Do not fear the extremes or experiences, and above all, try and understand…"

I woke up underneath the tree in the clearing alongside the path in which I stopped to rest. Sitting in the corner of my mind where Genius, Love, Hate, and Reason. One day, I will find Truth, and once I understand Hate, I can keep him only as a memory, only as the knowledge he will provide. As I made my way toward the path, I found I could not find where I had left it. I looked around, searching for some sort of direction but could find none. Maybe it is time I created my own path and maybe it is time to seek out and attempt to understand all those I encounter. I stepped out onto the plane of existence, allowing my desires for knowledge and understanding to be my compass, and made my way to search for the places that held seeds of Truth…


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