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Megan had always gone to church like a good girl and prayed to God like she was taught but she never really believed in it all, well she didn't until a strange girl rescued her from a mad driver. but now she can't get her out of her mind and she keeps having dreams about her and the "incident" but things always seem to get worse for her when she begins to have other nightmares about shadows telling her that she will die soon. seeking help and comfort she turns to a nearby church knowing that the people at her's would be to judgmental, but that's where she meets the strange girl again. it turns out that Megan was fighting a war that she didn't even know about, and the girl along with the other teens at the church have full on battle experience when it comes to the enemy, demons that is.

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Authors note: another book idea that i hope to persue latter on, all in faver say me!

Megan was waiting for the red light to go green so she could walk across the busy highway without being ran over before the other kids at high school did. she smiled at the thought of all her friends and herself dodging all of the upper classmen before they where trampled to the ground in the rush between classes, the light turned red stopping the flow of cars. Megan toke a step forward ignoring a shout from some one behind her telling her to stop, she slowly made her way across the road packed with waiting cars. around her the wind picked up blowing her with a cool winter breeze, she pulled her jean jacket closer around her and shifted her shoulder bag to her left shoulder. wheels sqweeled to life in the background bringing her form her daze, in a flash the wind was knocked out of her as she was knocked to the curve. her eyes flew open as she gasped for breath but when she looked up expecting to see the bright light at the end of the tunnel she was staring into dark blue eyes rimed with heavy black eyeliner.
"who ok?" she asked Megan helping her up, Megan nodded dumbly looking at the car crash in front of her. she turned back to the girl studying her features trying to make sense of it all. the girl standing next to her was shorter then her by a few inches and slightly rounded, but in a way where it looked good on her, she had black eyeliner that made her dark blue eyes stand out more which were framed by her golden blond hair with died blue curls that fell down her shoulders reaching just below her shoulder blades. she wore a black leather jacket and a white Tee that said "gossip kills proverbs 11:13," in big pink and black letters which stretched down a little over her skinny jeans. but what really got her addition was the big sliver cross hanging around her neck along with some dog tags that had bible versus on them. Megan would have taken her for a goth if it wasn't for the necklaces, people were gathering around her now asking if she was alright.
"demons...." the girl beside her sighed before turning to Megan, quickly she pulled out a little white card and handed it to her.
love is only three letters - The S.O.S
"thank-," Megan began but when she looked up the girl was gone and the only trace of her ever being there was the note card and a car crashed into a pull that had just tryed to run her over.

Megan sat up gasping for air to sooth her throbbing lungs.
"it was just a dream, it was just another dream," she whispered to herself looking out into the dark night just beyond her window, but she knew it really happened. the incident had happened only a month before and as hard as she tried to tell herself there was nothing to it besides a mad man and a strange girl she knew there was something more to it. picking up the white card besides her bed she walked around the room trying to make sense of the saying
love is only three letters - The S.O.S
she didn't really understand it but she knew this was the key to finding that girl and the deeper meaning to the rescue, "maybe it's a song?" she thought out loud but she knew better then it being that easy. sighing in defeat, Megan sat down on her bed hoping for a dreamless sleep this time but knowing that she would have that dream again and would have over and over again until she found out what it meant.if only she knew that the girl that had saved her only lived 2 apartment buildings away and was waiting for Megan.


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