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How I realized that I have 2 fathers looking after me. One physically and another one spiritually.

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I just woke up by a loud honking sound that came from the bus I was on, we were at recto, few minutes away from our destination, HCHS(HOPE CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL), I just came from RRC(RIZAL RECREATION CENTER), and it was a fun and very spiritually driven 6days and 5 nights camp, well at least for me, eman, achi tiutz, jeane and sherina cause we were the advance party group, anyway, we arrived at HCHS, I immediately step down and help out with the unloading of the luggage on the bus, it was hard, the bags were heavy, it was hot, and we needed to be fast, cause there was no parking space for the bus, as we finish, someone told me that there is still a bag on the bus so I chased after it and because of my hastiness I trip on a metal thing that is sticking out of the side walk then BOOM, I came crushing down on the pavement, sadly the right side of my face absorbed all the impact which left a scratch which looked liked a lapel mic, and not to mention, that it was a false alarm, there was no bag left on the bus.

After that incident, I went straight to the CR to try and clean up myself, and rejoined the NBF staff, we had a short prayer after that some went on their way, but I stayed for a few minutes and also traveled for home, as I got home. Husky my pet dog greeted me excitedly and it was very homey, my mom asked what happened to my face, and I told her about the incident, then when I went up stairs, my dad was sleeping, so I tried to be quiet as possible, as not to wake him up, while I was getting ready to go to mimi's recital, then my father woke up, he asked me where I was going and he somewhat scolded me "haven't you been satisfied with your vacation?" I just stayed silent because if I said anything I might just make it worse, what pissed me off is that he did not even ask what happened to my face, so I left with some bitterness in my heart(not really a good thing to have especially right after camp right?) and went to st. scho. Using my trusty broom broom(scooter ^_^) so I went and enjoyed the show(thx mimi it was a wonderful experience) took pictures had dinner and I also had a short talk with ahia LJ regarding camp, then went home. When I got home, my dad just gave me the cold shoulder, and being tired from camp, I just washed up, did my devo and prayed, in my prayer one of the things that I asked GOD was why did I receive this wound? Then having vent out my frustrations on HIM, I was able to sleep. Then I was awaken by a soft touch on my face, it was my surprise that my father was treating my wound, he tried to be gentle as possible to avoid waking me up, knowing that I was very tired, in each stoke he did , I felt his worry, his care and most importantly his love. When he finished placing some cream on my face, he slowly stood up, walk quietly and open the door, when he was about to leave the room, I told him thanks, he was surprised then gave me a smile and then said good night. With that simple gesture he did, removed all the bitterness that I harbored earlier and was able to get a good night's rest, indeed GOD is great he works in way that we can't see. I am so lucky to have 2 dads.


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