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A short story I decided to write based upon my humble observations on worldly glory in reference to holy glory in our Christian lives.

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What is it we all seek after in our lives? Is it to be that man all over the radio playing music, winning Grammys, in the magazines, having every girl in the world at our fingertips? Or is it to achieve renown for making billions off a clever investment? Maybe power through witty political decisions? Or is it something as small as being the funniest person in the room? The most attractive? The pleaser?

In essence these things are not wrong at all, but, the lord states in the bible that "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God" the word "rich" in this verse, is not meant to be limited to just wealth. A being could be rich in pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, laziness, and many other varying sins. We sons and daughters of god are not meant to receive glory from people or worldly things. we are sinful beings, our minds not built to handle glory that belongs to the true holy one who crafted every inch of us. When we look at famous people or even a popular person in our community, we do not take into account the fact that every talent that they own was crafted and given to them by god himself. There is a reason that not everybody in the world has the talents of Albert Einstein, or has the ability to sing like an angel.

I have spoken with a man who earlier in his life was a brilliant guitarist in a band I complete and utterly adored, they literally had the crowd singing word by word their songs at every show or gig they performed. When I was given the opportunity to meet this man, I kept telling him how wonderful him and his band was and how much I appreciated their music. His response was this "none of us could handle the fame, it sold our souls. when we were on stage, we literally felt like gods. When we were off stage, we did all kinds of drugs to attempt to harness that feeling of being praised once more. When people like me say they wouldn't recommend this life for anyone, they might have given you some of the greatest wisdom one could give."

God can only handle glory of such magnitude, and he has given that gift to people before. Abraham Lincoln, for example, was a true leader and did not want anything else but good for his people. I am not saying that he was perfect, but, he also recognized that it was a gift he had and not a man made quality. He will never be forgotten for what he did. Moses, did not lead his people out of Egypt in the hopes of becoming their sovereign, he did it because he was called upon by The Lord to do it and he wanted nothing less than the best for his people. I could go on and on with examples of leaders and famous people who were gifted not only in their talents, but in faith, in love, in mercy, in hope, so on and so forth.

Even in how great these people used their glory, it was first given to them by God
and his holy being only. Please try to comprehend the fact that we are not a necessity for the true king to have, he would be absolutely fine without us, but out of sheer love he created me and you so that we may one day live in his everlasting glory that we simply do not deserve, or even nearly have the capacity to comprehend just how massive this glory is! in all of the power that the great god has he shares it with me and you. So do not lust for fulfillment by glorifying yourself. The glory at which you have been searching for is already yours for the taking, he has put it everywhere around you! There is NOTHING in this sinful earth besides how The Lord told us in the good book how to live that will completely satisfy us. Everything that is evil will die like fire is extinguished by water, fire will only last until the wood it's burning turns to ash, but water has been on this earth ever since god conceived this world and will not cease continue in it's cycle. Praise the eternal fountain of life and grace!


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