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a car crash and an out of body experience

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Lost in-between worlds, confusion was digging its way into my mind.
What was happening to me? Was I dreaming?
Errol my Husband was there beside me.
I felt the tenderness of his touch on my cheek.

"I love you Tracy, don't leave me, not now". Tears rolled down the side of his tanned face,
and there were dark shadowed furrows around his eyes.
My God! What was happening here? Why couldn't I answer him?
I tried desperately to reach out to him, but the pain was so intense that it held me back.

Consciousness failed me, and I lapsed into a limbo of little or no return.
I saw a light illuminating around my body, there I was lying in a hospital bed.
I was standing beside the bed looking down at myself. Fearfully I reached out my hand,
and touched the body, which lay motionless before me.

How? How could it be me? "Errol" Why couldn't he hear me?
Desperately I pleaded with him, over and over, but it was all in vein,
for he didn't seem to see or hear me. My mind raced like a whirlwind, caught in a time-lapse.
"Remember, I have to remember'. Oh God! "What is happening to me, am I mad?"

"Mr. Davies, if you could just wait outside, just while we examine your wife."
Said, one of the doctors quietly. Errol was sobbing uncontrollably, and I couldn't even comfort him.
Slowly he walked out, in a trance like state, all hope gone from his face,
his hands white from clenching the side of the bed.

Bandages encircled the top part of my head, and I realized that id been in some sort of accident.
My mind reeled; I had to remember what had happened. Restlessly I walked back through the memories of my mind.
Yes! There was. I had remembered.

"Oh Errol, Errol" I had said softly, "come on lazy bones, get up".
I was so happy; today was the first day of our lives together, as Mr. & Mrs. Davies.
It had seemed like a lifetime, waiting for that day to come,
we had promised ourselves to each other when we were only children,
we had an never-ending love that held and bonded us together.

He caught my hand in his as I tenderly tried to rouse him. "Come on get up. Errol, Errol oh come on!".
Lovingly he embraced me, "Mm…" he said, "you smell nice!"
"Oh! Thanks, you don't smell so bad your-self". I had said and snuggled tenderly down into his manly chest.
"Mm… I wish I could just stay here all day".

Neither of us knew what this day was to bring, if only time was reversible. If only…
When Errol had left for work, I had felt lonely; my life had always been well organized, mainly out of necessity.
The full time position as receptionist at the up town primary school occupied most of my time.
I had become accustomed to rising early to get things done. And now there was nothing to fill the time.
I still had three more weeks of leave, and I was determined to see them out.

Aimlessly I wandered from one room to the next, not knowing why I went in there in the first place.
Suddenly my thoughts were disturbed by the sound of the phone ringing.
"Hello", I said as I put the receiver to my ear. "Hi! Honey, guess who"?
"Errol, oh I'm glad you rang I was beginning to feel a bit lonely. Did you forget something"?
"No" he said. "I rang to see if you would like to have lunch at 'Harry's with your husband "
"Errol you're a mind reader that'll be great". I said. "What time, around twelve ok"? "Yep fine"
"ok then I'll see you there". "You sure will" I said excitedly. "See you latter then" I said and hung up.

Oh! Where did Errol put those car keys, Damm!…, I'll have to have a word with that husband of mine when I see him.
He is so disorganized; he never remembers where he puts things. Ah! There they are, in the knife and folk drawer,
where else. After the search for the keys, I realized that time was against me; I would have to fly to get there on time.
I reversed hastily out of the driveway and was soon on my way.

I liked dining at Harry's I felt that the atmosphere was just right.
And of cause that was the place where Errol had proposed to me.
There were two blocks to go, time to slow down. Traffic lights were up ahead.
I had almost come to a stop when the lights turned green. Lightly I pressed my foot on the accelerator,
continued to cross the intersection, when a car which seemed to come from nowhere ran the red light
on a collision course of inevitable destruction.

Suddenly I came to my senses. I had remembered. "Have the x-rays showed up any thing else apart from her head injuries"?
Said the doctor. "yes" said the attendant. "You see just here, her rib cage has two major breaks". "Hm…,
" said the Dr. "has Mrs. Davies come round at all since admission?" No Dr.
"ok then let's leave the monitor on her for another twenty four hours.
In the mean time, we had better try setting the broken bones".

Oh! My God am I going to die? Am I so close to death that…?
My thoughts now trailed away as I saw the light that had illuminated my body,
brighten even more so than before. Did this mean life or death? I couldn't stand there any longer,
I had to find Errol, but instead of moving forwards, I fell, screaming with the pain that I now felt in my body.
"Errol! Errol!" I yelled, as I felt myself falling… falling,

Darkness surrounded me, I had to fight for every breath, I had to find something to hold onto.
"Tracy, can you hear me"
Had I heard my name? "Tracy'. There it was again, slowly I opened my eyes and there was Errol standing beside me.
He had heard me yell his name. It was his voice that I had held on to, and his love, that had brought me back from beyond.
The End.- Written By Robyn Brown


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