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Book By: Janiss

A girl entering a magical school to learn about her abilities and the world at large.

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Alostare, 1765.
A group of ten little children was playing a game of fire and ice. Elizabeth was supposed to be ice and freeze all the other nine kids. A strange thing happened when she touched another kid and said freeze. The child was frozen and all the other children panicked and screamed in horror.
Elizabeth's mother, Laura looked out the window and saw what happened. She hurried out and shouted stop and sudden silence prevail.
Lisa at the age of 7 was then sent away to stay with her grandmother. She begged her mother not to leave her and promised to be a good girl even when she didn't know what she had done to anger her mother.

Hamsterdrone, 1770.
'Grandma! Grandma! Help me! Lisa is trying to freeze me again,' said Albert.
Kristy smiled at the little boy who wrapped himself around her. Kristy looks out of the kitchen and saw Lisa aged 12 years old running into the kitchen.
'Lisa, dear. Don't freeze Al, you know how difficult it is to unfreeze him after u do that,' admonish Kristy.
'Grandma, he stole my shoes and gave it to Rusty to sleep in. You know I dislike having to clean my shoes of the cat fur,' protested Lisa.
Al took the opportunity to slip out the backdoor. Kristy knew that he will be out to collect the post and stay out of danger zone for the time being. Kristy sat Lisa down and gave her a cookie. Kristy explained to Lisa that mortals would never understand her and to keep her powers a secret.
Lisa being tired of it asked if that was why her parents left her with Kristy. Kristy asked Lisa if she dislike Kristy and got a vehement deny. Kristy then explained that Lisa's mother can't keep Lisa's power a secret in the place Laura lives so she left Lisa with Kristy.
'Grandma! There is a weird letter with Lisa's name on it!' said Albert bursting into the kitchen. Albert then shoved a letter to Kristy.
'Oh my God! This is the letter I wished you can get! This is the letter that say you can go into Wemenbrook school that only teaches students with the power you have,' said Kristy giving the letter to Lisa.
Lisa opened the letter and inside is a small origami that inflates into a square ball. Inside the square ball, Lisa and Kristy can see a lady's face and the lady started talking. Lady," Hello Lisa and Kristy. This is an offer letter for Lisa to attend Wemenbrook. Now a brief view of the school as I explain about what is being taught here."
Lisa saw a very beautiful school that looks like a medieval fairytale castle. There is also a beautiful garden that is filled with all sorts of lovely colorful and vibrant plants as the lady's voice was talking about boring stuff like history of the school.
The only thing that the lady said which caught Lisa's attention was that all fairy godmothers in the fairytale land have at one time been to the school either to teach or to learn about magic.
Lisa was so happy that she can get into a new school where she doesn't need to hide her powers. 'When can I get started?' she asked excitedly. 'Next week dear, you will be there by this weekend,' said Kristy.
Lisa was hyperactive the whole week. She was too excited to sleep well. Keep getting into the way of everyone doing their job. In the end, Kristy had enough of it so she gave Lisa a bit of mint potion that settles her down a little.
Lisa was packing all her clothes and things she needed. Kristy vetted her luggage. Lisa was so excited she almost packed Rusty the black cat into her luggage bag. Kristy laughed at her antics and told her to hurry up as her father was waiting to taking her to the train platform.
Jonathan, Lisa's father was a tall and distinguished man. He greeted Kristy and hugged Lisa. 'Pumpkin, are you ready to go?' He asked. They took leave of Kristy and left for the train platform.
Lisa was so excited that she talked the whole journey non-stop. Jonathan laughingly tickled her to make her stop her chattering. Jonathan wondered why Lisa was so excited. He has no idea of her powers.
Lisa was told to get on the train leaving for Brookes Vile. She had her ticket and luggage on hand. She bid her father goodbye. In her compartment there was another girl and a boy of her age.
'Hi, I'm Lisa. I'm going to Wemenbrook this term.'
'Hello! I'm Demonic and this is my younger sister Ashley. This is my second term in Wemenbrook. We get off this train half-way by going one by one through this window when they stop at Lister.'
Ashley peeked at Lisa behind her brother. Ashley looked to be about 10 years old. She looked shy and beautiful little girl. Lisa had always wanted a little sister coax her out to talk. Lisa don't quite like Demonic but not sure of the reason so she stayed away from him the whole journey.
The windowpane suddenly started to throb and glow. Demonic told them that they should be going and collected their baggage. Lisa wondered what the train conductor will say if they were found missing.
Ashley went out the window first. Then Demonic asked Lisa to go and wait for him to pass their luggage to her. Demonic went to unlock their door and Lisa went through the window. On the other side she was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful scenery.
There were flowers aplenty. She could see horses but also large birds that can carry two passengers. Ashley stood silently beside her. Ashley suddenly nudges her and pointed to the window where there their luggage appears to be pushed out. Lisa hurried to take it.
After all the luggage is taken out, Lisa waited for Demonic to appear. However the next person to arrive is not him but a little girl about Ashley's age and they appeared to be friends.
After another three people appeared, Demonic came out and then he shoved the window close and Lisa can no longer see the window at all.
Looking around Lisa found out that one of her bully neighbor Alan is there too. She was surprised. Demonic saw her startled expression and said don't worry he can't say that he seen you here otherwise he would be punished by being a frog for a decade.
Lisa relaxed and looked around again and found to her surprise that there are so many other students coming through other windows. She felt someone pulling her dress and found Ashley and another girl. Ashley introduces her friend as Melissa but is called Mel.
Mel was a cute little girl a bit tomboyish and clearly has a case of hero worship of Demonic as she tag along everywhere he went even when he went to greet his friends. Demonic do not appear to mind her tagging along as long as Ashley remain near him. That surprised her as Demonic doesn't appear to have a big brother complex.
Ashley appeared to be a bit overwhelmed by the attention her brother's friends give her. Lisa wishing to help her out of that dilemma went over and took Ashley aside. 'Lisa, you can take my sister with you but don't go too far and don't go out of this clearing,' said Demonic.
After Lisa, Ashley and Mel walked away, Demonic found that his gaze often wondered over to them. 'Hey! Demonic don't go daydreaming when we are discussing about the new teacher who is going to teach us potion this term. I've heard that she is beautiful but married,' said George.
'If she is married she won't have anything to do with you ugly brute,' said Heather. 'Aw. Heather sure knows how to put a damper on things,' retort George. 'Heather, how went your reunion with your mother?' Demonic asked.
'You know I hate to go back I wonder if I can apply to stay in the term break,' pondered Heather.
'You know you are welcome in my house and my brothers will be happy to give up their room just to have you there. Imagine how many things I can con them into doing,' teased Demonic.
'Ugh! Heather you do better marrying me than any of his brothers,' said George acting like he was disgusted by the mere idea of it happening.
'Ha. As if his brothers are as bad as you. Remember his brothers are teaching in this school my dear George,' retort Heather.
Suddenly they heard a whistle that indicates the train is leaving the platform. Next thing, they knew was a few large birds called griffins landed on the edge of the clearing and suddenly a voice called out for silence.
'Welcome to Wemenbrook! I'm Rosalinda, the headmistress of this school. Now I want all of you to line up accordingly. When I called out the group you are in please go stand in front of the griffins with the color I said and I want the seniors to help in sortingand directing the newcomers,' said a lady on top of a griffin with a voice that carries clearly across the clearing.
'I want the newcomers to collect their luggage and put them in front of the Brown griffin. Next I want the newcomers to separate into girls and boys. Girls go with the pink griffin. Boys go with the purple griffin.
'Sapphire group go with the red griffin. Gold group go with the yellow. Emerald group go with the green. Turquoise group go with the blue griffin. Now hop to it everybody.'
Demonic helped Ashley and Mel to carry their luggage. Lisa took her luggage and went with him. After that they all lined up according to their color. After it is all done, Rosa looked and then asked the newcomers to keep their eyes close to prevent panic. Lisa felt that they are flying but it is impossible because they are on the ground she argued.
After a few minutes, Lisa opened her eyes and discovered that everyone is flying in the same position as they were in the clearing. Then she remembered her grandma told her that people who use magic can do things better if there is a hexagon shaped like a star. She recalled that there are 6 color groups and they are lined together in a hexagon shape.
Lisa has totally forgotten about the luggage. But never mind about it as it didn't travel with them so it is still 6. Demonic worried about his sister could see that Ashley's eyes had remained closed tightly and her hand claps tightly around Lisa and Mel's hands. Demonic could see that Lisa's eyes opened and there is no panic but wonder could be found in her eyes instead.
They all landed after a 15 minutes journey. Newcomers are taken to freshen up and the previous students are ushered to sit in the hall. Some prefects can be seen moving around as they are helping the teachers to collect the newcomers and lead them to various bathrooms in smaller groups.
Demonic surprisingly was not one of the prefects after all the help he gave Lisa had thought that he is a prefect. Demonic noticed that Dell, his brother is taking Ashley and Lisa group and was left at ease.
'Ashley, have you taken your medicine?' One of the prefects asked. 'I did and if you don't believe me ask Demonic, I can't believe that even now I have to answer to you,' replied Ashley.
'Come on, Ash. You know I'm just worried about you. Do you want me to be killed by our parents?' said the prefect.
'Lisa, this big bully here is my brother, Dell. Dell this is Lisa another newcomer. She came with me and Demonic in the same compartment,' said Ash
Lisa and Dell exchanged polite words as they acquaint themselves with each other. Then after the brief break, they were ushered into the big hall through a side door. They were then asked to hold a stone and pass it to the next newcomer.
The stone glowed in a single color and the colors were red, yellow, green, and blue. Ash and Lisa got into Emerald group and Mel got into Sapphire group. Mel was visibly upset as she is separated from Ash, Lisa and Demonic. Ash and Lisa joined Demonic in the Emerald group section.
Demonic was inwardly happy that both Ash and Lisa was in Emerald group even though as senior by a term he won't be in the same classes. He didn't show any of his happiness in his face but he hugged Ash for a while and just gave Lisa a brief nod.
After the group sorting, Rosa stood up and introduced the new teacher for potion classes. Laura, Lisa's mum stood up and Lisa was shocked. Then she remembered always her mother's kitchen is filled with the scent of special brews and her mother always came home late during school week even when she was teaching in normal school.
Demonic was not interested in any way about the way the new teacher was looking around until he felt Lisa stiffened up. He saw that Lisa was shaken up and he signaled to Dell. Dell came towards them and took Lisa with him to the female emerald dormitory first.
Later that night, Ash took up some dinner for Lisa and Demonic discussed the newcomer with Dell. After everyone in female dormitory was asleep, Lisa went out to the corridor and bumped into Demonic. Demonic was sleepless because of way Lisa's face went pale and was out in the corridor.
'Do you know where the potion class teacher is sleeping?' asked Lisa. Demonic told her that teachers don't stay overnight but went home on their own. He then asked her the reason she is asking and how was she feeling. Lisa was so troubled that she told Demonic about her mother and he told her that he would try to let them talk tomorrow but to go and sleep now.
Demonic woke Dell up and told him about the situation. Dell promised to talk to Rosa and arrange for the meeting. Lisa felt better after talking to Demonic and went promptly to sleep.
Laura on the other hand having seen her daughter there was unable to sleep. Jonathan disturbed by Laura's unease turned on the lights. He asked Laura about the problem that kept her from sleeping when most of the time she fell asleep easily at night.
Laura then told Jonathan that she saw Lisa in her new school and worried that there might be conflict. Jonathan told her not to worry as Lisa had always been asking after her whenever he visits Lisa.
Laura felt even worse since she has never gone to visit Lisa after she sent Lisa to Kristy five years ago. That was because she was scared that she will not want to leave Lisa with Kristy after her visit.
Jonathan on the other hand felt happy that finally his wife and daughter are getting back together even though he don't know what made her gave Lisa to Kristy to bring up. Laura frequently dreamed of Lisa crying, screaming and refusing to leave her the day she left Lisa with Kristy. The tears Lisa shed are still fresh in her memory.
Laura decided to go to school earlier the next day. Dell went to Rosa that night after Demonic told him about Lisa. Rosa decided to let Laura and Lisa meet during the break tomorrow. Dell then told Demonic and asked him to bring Lisa to Headmistress office tomorrow during break.
Lisa saw Laura sitting on the bench just outside her dorm looking pale after a sleepless night. Lisa said, "Come we talk somewhere else." Laura just motions her to seat and chant some spell to make them invisible and no one can hear them.
"My darling Liz, how are you? I've missed you so much. I know you would think that I deserted you. But honey you kept playing dangerous games where your power was obvious to everybody. I'm terrified that they would have experiment on you."
"Who are they? I know your concerns and grandma have explained a little. Anyway why you never visit me?"
"I can't visit you otherwise I will not bear to leave you again. It almost killed me to let your grandma have you so if I go again I'll take you home. Can you forgive me?"
"I have to think about it," Lisa said and left Laura sitting alone.
The morning breakfast was held in a grand hall. After breakfast, Rosa stood up at the platform where the teachers have their breakfast. "Today is the first day for the newcomers. I would like to wish you all success and fun in learning about your powers and controlling it. For newcomers, there will be a briefing here in an hour. For those who are returning for their studies, they will be given the honor of preparing school term materials assigned by their beloved teachers." Groans accompanied this statement.
"Nice to hear our students' appreciation expressed. Prefects are to help their own school group and their teacher in assigning teams. Award winners for last term are to stay and help in orientation. Teachers will be with the prefects shortly. There is a short half an hour break for now to refresh yourself and go promptly to do what I have bid you. Finally I announce the start of this school term. Viola," accompanied by sparkling colors appeared in accordance to the group color, red for sapphire, yellow for gold, green for emerald and blue for turquoise.
Cheers came out from the students. Then the hall was emptied of students. After refreshment, Lisa, Ashley and Mel appeared in the main hall. They were then seated according to their groups. The first ten rows have been occupied by the award winners and teachers.
Rosa standing in the front said," Welcome my new students. I'm known to be very fond of new babies like you guys. However I must first congratulate you upon entering this magnificent school of magic. Wemenbrook is so named because of Women and Men who wished to learn and impart their magical skills. First of all I must explain why is there four groupings. The sapphire group is talented in fire skills, gold in creating new things, emerald in living things, and finally turquoise in air and water. This way they get to concentrate more on the skills they can develop."
Lisa saw Demonic stayed back and thought well he must be smart to be able to get awarded. Now Rosa starts to introduce the teacher in charge for each group. Mr Ruffleskin, elemental teacher in charge of Sapphire. Mr Gruffs, alchemist teacher in charge of Gold. Ms Dorothy, nature teacher in charge of Emerald. Ms Jane, elemental teacher in charge of Turquoise.
The award students are to help the teachers to get organized and explain the rules and regulations to the new students. The students were told that any problem within the group will be settled with the prefects or the teacher in charge. Every student has their own points system where anything they do will affect them only. However, the group with the least points altogether forfeits a lot of things.
The students are awarded when they get the top 10 of the year in academic or when they get the most point in their group in their year. The awarded students have privileges such as can skip lessons up to 4 times without reasons given, can get out of class as long as they feel justified, go to special rooms for them to study and get to choose their own dorm.
Lisa thought about that and thinks it is cool. The skip lessons is a motivation for most students but it is contrary to the requirement as you need to have the most points or top in academic which you need to study to get. Anyway the top student only answers to the teacher and prefects but not class monitors.
The students are then separated into groups of tens. The prefects of 5 will take a group and the testing of levels begins. The first test is the nature where the students are each given a sapling to take care and taught how to make it grow, the growth within 5 hours will be taken as result. The second test is element where the students are taught the basic to mold a fireball, call on the wind to blow a breeze and water to call for rain. Last test is the alchemy test where they are given basic introduction and given the items to make something out of them.
Lisa thought it was kind of weird that the group being tested was twosomes in a group and they were tested by one prefect on a single element and then passed to the next prefect. She was thrilled that she was being tested with Ash. The first test they had was on nature. First they were given a sapling and taught how to make it grow.
They are to get some magic water that will absorb their magic and to water the sapling. The sapling will grow according to the depth the student planted and the amount of water given. Lisa dug a hole that is one inch deep and planted the sapling. She then watered the sapling a quarter of a cup. And then after one hour she watered it with half cup. Then another hour later she watered it with three quarter of cup. Finally she watered it with a full cup.
Her sapling then grew to be as tall as a normal two level building. Ash did quite well as her sapling grow into a very beautiful plant of big full-bloomed red roses. They suddenly heard screams from other room where a prefect was testing others on fire element and a big bang. The students was all running around panicking and the prefects was telling them to keep calm and the rooms are all very sturdy and the incident will not affect the test.
Apparently two of the students thought it would be funny to practice fire and wind elements each and the whole fireball turned into a huge ball and exploded when the wind element was introduced to it. The prefects then made it very clear to the other students that these kinds of experiments will be best left until they have learned more and can control it better. The techniques learned today are solely for test only.
Then the pranksters were in detention and the rest continued with tests. The fireball manipulation was taught by the prefect in the group of tens and then they are to practice for half an hour. They were told to imagine a small spark of fire in the middle of their palm. Then to make the fireball grow bigger they are to think of adding more heat like feeding the campfire with small dry twigs and gets momentum going. This will work for most students so anyone with problem should go to the prefects and ask for help.
Ash managed to get a nice handful of fireball by the end of the half an hour. Lisa had to ask the prefect as the method didn't work for her. After trial and error it seems that Lisa can't hold a fireball but can set fire anywhere she like. She is like long distance archer. They both got the test done and went on the next test.
Third test is wind and water. The students was told to use a blower and the wind result from that is then to be directed by the students to sweep the leaves up. The directing is done by students willing the wind to go the way they wanted it to. The water test is where they are to make the water flow upwards like a hot spring. This is when they can ignore the rules of gravitation and make the water go freely.
Laura got the whole room swept cleanly by the leaves and the water to flow slightly upwards that it look more like lava is under it with all the bubbling. Ash did not manage both tests.
The last alchemy test is where students are given a coat, a stone they choose and a feather. The prefects then explained that the items will then be dumped into a cauldron. The alchemy result will depend on the effort of the students and also the clarity of the mind where they put their thoughts into the cauldron when they stir the pot. The tests are finally over and done with.

That night the dinner was so much like a party. The newcomers are introduced to their own mentor. The mentors gave all newcomers something magical they treasure. The mentors are the seniors. The mentors are to spend time with the newcomers at least one hour a day to practice or just to listen and give advice to them.
The students are all sitting down next to their mentors and the best part is the mentors are not from their own groups. Mel was delighted to have Demonic as her mentor. Ash had one of her brother Daniel as her mentor. Lisa had a female mentor called Runa.
The dinner consist of everything you can imagine during Christmas dinner. After dinner, they have games held where the mentors with the students are to find items on other people and the one with the fastest wins. Like tournaments groups was to be cut down by half each item collected.
Finally Lisa, Runa, Ash and Daniel reached the finals. They were asked to find three pairs of identical twins and bring them to Ms Rosa. So there is two tasks, one to find the twins and the other to find where Ms Rosa is. After an hour's search Lisa and Runa finally found the twins and they are now looking for the headmistress. They found her in the gardens after half an hour by using Runa's magic tracking skills.
They were rewarded with the magic familiar each. They will be summoning the familiars the next day. Every students were envious of the winners. In the end, Ash and Daniel only found two sets of twins.
In the end of the day, the head teacher round up all the new students and asked them to pick an egg each. There was a huge long rectangular table filled with eggs of every kind and colors. Lisa picked a pink one with green stars on it. Ash picked a blue and green strip one.
They were told to sleep with the eggs held tight in their hands and to go around the school with the egg wrapped warmly. However anyone with a broken egg will be punished very severely and no one is to exchange or replace the eggs. They were not told the reason they have an egg each. They were then dismissed to go into their own dorms.

The next day the students were told which level their skills are and which classes they should take by their head of dorm. The whole orientation is fun-filled by the seniors' creativity and magic but the newcomers can't appreciate it because they all spent the night sleeping fitfully due to fear of squashing the eggs.
Lisa and Runa went to summon their own familiars. Runa got a fire-breathing dog which is appropriate seeing that she is in the sapphire group. Lisa got a doppelganger. It was so surprising that all the teachers wanted to experiment on it and refuse to let Lisa keep it. Doppelgangers are very powerful familiar as it can change into any other kind of familiars and possess their power plus it is extremely faithful to their master.
After a week, the new students are all close to collapsing due to lack of sleep. Lisa and Ash can't take the pressure and asked their mentors how long they are to carry and nurse the eggs. The mentors replied that each egg will hatch at a different time depending on the owner's care and magic input and not to be afraid of breaking the eggs as they eggs can only be broken if smashed against hard surface withhuge force.
That night Lisa and Ash had a good night sleep. After one whole week of orientation, the classes have finally started. Ash and Lisa have potions and regular studies together. The other lessons are different as Ash is more of a nurturing type and Lisa is more instinctive type.
After weeks of lessons, half term came around. It is time to get tested on both normal studies and magic ones. Not a single egg has hatch yet. Students failing the acceptable marks for normal studies will have extra lessons and if the makeup test is not acceptable, they will have the magic studies canceled for them until the next year. Magic test will determine the lessons that will be taken the rest of the term as some students will advance faster.
The students were told a shocking news that if the egg have not hatch by end of the year, the student will have to repeat the year. Some have heard stories that there was a student whose egg have not hatch for five years and the student cannot take it and quit the school. Quitters are all stripped of magical powers as it is too dangerous to have half trained magicians around the public.
Lisa and Ash is relieved that they passed the normal studies and have skipped a few levels in some magic studies. Lisa was to have potion lessons with her mom in the next half term. She is quite worried about it. Ash will continue with her current potions class which means the only time Ash and Lisa have lessons together is normal lessons and dorm time.
"Crack!" "Did you hear something, Ash?" Lisa asked. Ash nodded. They were on their way back from the testing field. They both looked around and saw nobody around them and the sound appeared to come from just next to them.
"Hello! How are you?" They heard from somewhere between them. They looked down and found out that their eggs have cracked open and two cute little fairies are talking.
"I'm a green fairy. I'm Ash's companion and we will be doing magic lessons together. I am a newly hatched fairy. Ash would you like to name me?"said by a cute female fairy in a green dress and pretty wings that looks like spidery webs connected with pretty green emeralds.
"I'm a fairy godmother type of fairy. I'm Lisa's companion. What name do you think suits me?" said by a very handsome male fairy in a tuxedo suit and pretty wings that looks like it was made up with rainbow treads and connected by different colored gems.
Ash and Lisa was so surprised that they were speechless. The fairies were having a hard time trying not to laugh at them. That in the end all four of them found the situation too comical and laughed together.
"I supposed we don't need to introduce ourselves. I wonder if the name Esmeralda is alright with you?" said Ash. "Oh it sounds lovely. I would like that very much. Now my family name is Trent. I'm from the west forest of this school," said the green fairy.
"That is settled and now as for you, sir. I can't really think of a name suitable for a male fairy godmother. Ash, what do you think?" asked Lisa.
"I know it is probably a bit weird to see a male fairy godmother so if you want to take some time to think it over is fine with me. In the meantime, please call me by my family name Mathilda," said the fairy.
"Oh, that will be so nice. I'll think about it and give you a proper name tomorrow," said Lisa. "I think, Elvis is good," said Ash. "He is after all the king of rock and roll and we do want you to be successful as a godmother."
"That is so cool. Would you like that name?" asked Lisa. The fairy is overjoyed with such a prestigious name that he agreed immediately.
As they were talking, they suddenly realized that the seniors around them are all walking with a fairy accompanying them. Then a prefect come over and said," Oh, your eggs have hatched. Come along to the teacher's lounge and register your fairy's name."
The girls have so many questions to ask the prefect but he only managed to answer some of them before they reach the lounge. "Basically, the fairies are in training as well but they have to bond with the human partner so they spend the time in the egg to observe and absorb some of the magical powers of the companion to determine whether the combination is suitable. If the companion is not someone they would like to be with, they would never hatch. The eggs of course will return to the teacher if the student quit the school or until the student change into someone the fairy likes or can tolerate," explained the prefect.
The only teacher in the room is Laura. Lisa is still too excited to feel annoyed about it. The fairies' name, origin and type are registered. They are then briefed on some things that they need to know to be together with their fairy.
First of all, the fairies are not pets, they must have their own privacy whenever they asked for it. The fairies are to be with the companion most of the time. They are to prepare some place comfortable for the fairies to sleep in. The fairies will not be with the companion after graduation but can visit each other once in a while. Plus the school has gatherings for alumni at least once a month to keep track of the state magic effects on human world.
The fairies have their own separate classes. But most of the time they will be in the same class as the companion. The main reason the companion picked the eggs are the colors that complement their own powers so the fairies are to learn the same magic.
Since the eggs have hatched, the girls are to be taught at same class level but only with classmates who have their own fairies. So the next day, they are to go to the teacher in charge of emerald group, Miss Dorothy to request for class change and show her the fairies.
That night Ash prepared a pot of rose plant for the fairy to sleep in the bud and sweet smelling scents. Esmeralda is so happy that she cannot stop fluttering around and giving little hugs to Ash.
Lisa has prepared a bed like normal doll beds with pillow, quilt and mattress. She had to sew a few things and do a little carpentry with the available things. Elvis loved his bed. He said that since he is named after a singer, he might as well learn some music stuff. He went out to his hometown and bought a guitar back.
He was thoughtful that he practices his guitar in a fairy music room with sound proof walls that no one else is forced to listen to his practice. The fun part was that since students are encouraged to have hobbies; there are other fairies with musical instruments as well in the room.
The girls was amazed to see a fairy music room which is hidden in the normal music room but where the table support is there is a door for the fairies to enter the support. "No wonder the table support is so huge like three quarter of the table size," said Lisa.
The next lesson they have together, they had a surprise. The surprise is that Demonic is there as well. The next amazing surprise was that the teacher is a green fairy with a green wand and studious dark green colour spectacles.
Demonic was surprised to see them there. He took a whole year to hatch his egg and was envious that theirs hatch so soon. His friends teased him gently by saying that he was so shy the first year that he barely spoke. His male green fairy, Tinkle was so outgoing and chatterbox that everyone around him always found it hilarious. Especially his brothers which are the reason he hate them as they can see the fairy and their fairies are normal.
Elvis' appearance in green group created a stir as there have only been two other godmother fairies ever in the group plus this one is a male which is very rare. The class is disrupted for half an hour where students and fairies are eager to meet the fairy. Esmeralda is not offended at all but is proud that she is born the same time as he is.
The fairy teacher teaching was very interesting to the girls but none of the things taught are actually absorbed instead they are more interested in how the fairy kept fluttering to emphasis certain points. After the lesson, the class has an hour break.
The girls and their fairies were mobbed by their classmates. All the classmates took at least a full term to hatch their eggs so it is rare to see first years so soon. The fairies are also curious about it. Then Elvis and Esmeralda explained that they find the girls nice, polite, good-nature, magic-wise very advance and also the friendship they have made them envious so they hatch early to have a share at the friendship.
The girls blushed at the compliments. The other students just find them cute and since the seniors seldom interact with new students want to make friends. Demonic tried his best to help control the crowd but his fairy is not helping by his chartering.
After an hour, the girls head was reeling from all the names of the new classmates. The next teacher is an elf. He is so nice and he is teaching the students how to grow Christmas trees with all the decorations on. He was a Santa's helper a hundred years ago but he thinks it is better to teach at Wemenbrook to get more helpers for Santa especially when it is near Christmas not enough trees are grown that they always have a few millions of children without Christmas trees.
He always begin the class by saying, "Once you have mastered this I hope you will at least donate a few trees to Santa or go over to help grow the trees." Lisa and Ash is surprised to hear that and made a pact that either one of them will help or even both but the main thing is at least one tree will reach Santa in time for Christmas by both of them.
Lisa was curious about Demonic's name and asked Ash why their parents would name their son such a weird evil sounding name. Well, Ash then explained that actually Demonic was a twin. His other brother died within minutes of being born. As both their parents are witch and magician, they followed the tradition where any twins just born and the other died, the survivor have to be named with a strong, or evil name that they would not grow into.
For instance if he is named Daniel after the Daniel in the lion's den, then he might just be someone who do not believe God will judge him. Might even be an evil person at most. But the least is faithless. Lisa wondered if Demonic missed his twin and talk less because of that.
The Jones family have many siblings apparently, Zach the eldest brother working as a tour guide for the magic realm, Karl works as an headhunter for the magic academy to look for potential students, Devon and Dell the twin prefects, followed by Demonic the student, Ashley and Shirley appeared to be the third set of twins but Shirley want to go to other magic school in another planet since she is the baby of the family and feel smothered by the attention on her.
Lisa felt so jealous because she has a new baby brother age 2 months but not allowed to play with him. Most of the time Lisa played by herself due to her grandmother lives in a small village and there is not many kids around. That is one of the reason she played with Albert whenever he came over to grandmother's house.
When Ash asked about Lisa's family, Lisa told her that her dad is a professor in plants and trees. Her mother being a potion teacher must have learned and asked a lot from her father as well. She also states that she would love to play and cuddle her baby brother.
Ash then changed the subject and says its potion class next. They would be having the class with Lisa's mother. The potion they are making is the one where they put their wishes into being someone else as in character and nature and mix the correct components and let it sit for a day. Then the students are to drink the potion themselves, so the components are to be recorded very precisely and submit to the teacher when it is done so that if anything went wrong, the potion teacher will prepare a remedy. However, it should not be necessary as the potion's effect is only for 1 day maximum.
The potions are to be drunk at the potion lesson time next day. Therefore the result was seen immediately. The seniors drank their potions first, including Demonic. The results are spectacular, since the seniors have seen their own seniors made mistake so they have given it much thoughts before making the potions.
Some of them have thought to give a performance therefore they have thought up some funny stuff like invisible except for the shoes / some parts of them can be invisible by thought. When they move around leaving only their feet visible it looks like the shoes is moving by itself. Some of the senior like Demonic thought to be fairy, so they found wings on their back.
There were some hilarious parts as some of the students made potions thinking up all sorts of weird characters and nature. The class has at least five students mewing and lazing around in cat's litter-box. Some people who likes comedian so u see a lot of students doing funny standups.
Ash unfortunately loves plants too much, she thought to grow big and tall, she actually ended up sprouting a tree on top of her head. She had to lie down since the tree is too big and stressed out her body to take the weight.
Lisa thought of her doppelganger and she actually managed to get the characteristics, so she entertained the class by turning into their teachers and made some plays. Fortunately, their potions only lasted half an hour. But they have heaps of fun.
However, somehow the other juniors from normal class heard of it and one of the fire pranksters managed to get hold of some senior's potions and mixed it up. He then gave it to one of the classmate. The result was bad, since nobody have any idea what the potions consist, the classmate ended up being chased by lots of tomcats since she has the female cat in heat
The semester break is coming, bringing along with it end of semester test. All the tests are done for every subject the students take. The tests are taken in a room with 3 prefects and a teacher. All students are not allowed to discuss the test subjects and what they did. Therefore they can only tell the other students how they fare on the tests. After the tests, all the students are to go a break for 2 weeks. And the test results are to be added into the final scores. Ash and Lisa is relieved to have the tests over and made promise to keep in touch and visit each other.


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