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Essay By: alhain


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I once was where you are at the moment and I shade so many tears hoping to see the helping hands of god but now I am coming to understand a lot, when I birthed you I saw myself as an eternal mother and the day you made a decision I never thought you would be able to make without my consent I cried thinking I was losing my place as a mother but soon after I was comforted with the knowledge that I can be a friend of yours and at times within the bosom of my heart I realized in fact it felt good being all that life required me to be to you. Now listen:

Before I married your father, there came a man who told me all the reasons why he wanted me and I knew he wasn't the one. But your father, the man who took me on high and in the forest of his life. He had no reasons to why he wanted me and I knew from this guy there was lot I could learn. Life is not easy but life can be made easy.

Daughter of mine, you suffer because you think you knew what to do. God I tell you in truth is the known in the unknown and things are this way. So who is this god? It is the question to which only you can give an answer. Do not compare your today with your yesterday, it is the most dangerous thing a being can do to himself. Stay free from illusion for what is not here is an illusion. Yesterday you have cried. But is yesterday still asking you to cry? No it isn't asking you to do that. Stay open to the world as it comes, challenges come and go and they all require that we give them very different answers. I am your friend and your mate. To some challenges we will be asked to give a go, to others we will be asked to take a step back. As a human family the hardest thing has never been about functioning in this world but it has always been about how to function in this world. Seasons will ask of us to be father, mother and friend. To one you will be a friend, to another a mate and to another a brother. You cannot be one thing to all. But you can be anything to anyone. A man who has never eaten a burger will never wake up one morning looking for one. Let not your mind take over, it is enslaving you. Think of the vastness of the earth and the horizon to which you have never been, now walk, go ahead and in the way you shall see things but know that it is a way not the whole way. A true lover will not hold tie to the good time she has spent with her mate yesterday, she knows it is gone and the new day comes asking her to be free from any chains of their yesterday. So when she sees him being rude and mean, she can laugh and walk ahead knowing forever he shall not be like that. But if he understands not her, he will despise her for he knows he cannot keep her prisoner of his misconception.

The road is long and hazardous but you are strong and elevated among them all. So go now my daughter, waist no time, just go. Yesterday we used hood to cook and today we are using cookers and so on…………change is the greatest condition of earth. That's why the red necks say we belong to the earth and the earth not to us. These are things a mother share with her daughters hoping that she will not be enslaved by the world of her own making. There is no such thing as eternal for the only eternal thing is the fact that eternity is ever becoming eternity in my view.


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