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Riddle me This! (Solved)

By: Sambelini

Page 1, Riddles! Yay, fun! No cheating! Well, it doesn\'t matter now. The answers are up :P

When one is answered, the answer will be posted below it but highlighted black (therefore impossible to read unless selected with your mouse)

1) Continue the series: o t t f f s s _ _ _

e n t

2) Iam always running, rushing
Yet Inever change my place
It can be said, I have a mouth
But yet Ido not have a face

I never sleep upon my bed,
My bank is full, yet I am poor
Now tell me if you can be bold
What am I? But do be sure!

A river

3) Three pennies lay upon the ground
One face up and one face down
None were same in shape or size
Tell me how, when you realize!

The "pennies" were three girls named Penny

Numbers 2 and 3 are invented by myself (though I'm sure others have come up with similar riddles, Ireally did write them and think them up myself, Ipromise). Number 1, however, is not my own but Ilike it anyway :)

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