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Riddles, Tongue twisters, and Questions

Miscellaneous By: Silgorious

Some more riddles to solve, some tongue twisters, and a few questions to ponder...

Submitted:Apr 24, 2013    Reads: 2,005    Comments: 16    Likes: 3   

Hi, welcome to solve some of my riddles, try some tongue twisters, and answer some logic and common sense based questions. I'd be waiting till next Friday, (hopefully) before giving out the answers and hope you like this!

Well, now lets start by a few simple questions.


1) We all love some things, and hate some things. But can you tell me what does Fire hate? (More than one probable answer.)

2) I want to cross a bridge over the Ganga. What do I have to do? I can't walk, can't drive, can't swim or jump. (More than one possible answer.)

3) You see a camel crossing the road while driving. What should you do?

A) Stop the vehicle, and let it pass like a king.

B) You try to turn and avoid it.

C) You increase your speed to overtake it, and honk for it to stop on seeing you. You're the king, not it!

4) Can a tree be assumed as a human? If so, then will it be correct to say "Since this tree is a human, it will be able to talk."?

5) If A = B and B = C, and A + B + C is four times D, what will A be, if D = 15?

a) 150

b) 20

c) 50

d) None of these!

6) Can you swim in the seawater as well as be 11 kilometres above the sea?

7) How can you say I am a doctor and I work for the welfare of the people in one second?

8) I'm everywhere yet nowhere. What am I?


What does this sentence mean:

"All the students of this class are not present."

a) I'm the only one present in the class.

b) Some of the students are absent.

c) No teacher, so no students in class! It's a Holiday!

d) Both 'b' and 'c' are true.


Now, lets try some tongue twisters. These may not twist your tongues, but hope it does! Say:

Bibbity Rabbity's bicycles...

Or just say: Bibbity Rabbity.....

Say: Don't bully the Babbling boy...

Say: Stutter for butter...

Say: The rabbit has a habbit of hopping on rubbish...

~Hope you liked it!~


1) Fire hates water, lack of oxygen, carbondioxide gas, and so on.

2) I can fly, ask a man to carry me accross, etc.

3) (a) You'll have to bow before the king (or ship?) of the desert.

4) Yes, can't you? Well, if you assume a tree as a human, then according to your assumption, it can talk, but practically, in the existing world, no tree has ever spoken like humans do.

5) The correct answer is (b), and you check it:- 3A = 4 X 15, ie, 60/ 3 = 20.

6) If you keep a pond filled with seawater in your private jet while flying over the sea and swimming, it's possible.

7) Just say: I am a doctor and I work for the welfare of the people in one second!

8) Nothing!

The answer to the riddle is (d). Figure it out yourself!

Thanks to those who tried!

~Hope to see you again!~


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