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Think nuts

By: Wotan

Page 1, These are some of my collected riddles. Who solves them first?

1: I am not a razor yet those I caress need never shave again. I have no lips yet my kiss is deadly.Your best friend,i will kill you. Now speak my name then ready me.

2: A tint of melancholy. The shade of the wind's home. A splash of nobles blood. Answer: Blue -- Correctly answered by Ian Dawn

3: I daily am in Europe, and in America. At times do I all the world explore, since time began I've held my reign, and I shall till time is never more. I never in my life have stolled in garden, field, or park, yet all of these are sad and cold if I'm not there and it's dark... Answer: Sun -- Correctly answered by Izzie Thomas

4: What is the thing which comes in sheets, yet cannot be folded nor gathered again? Answer: Rain -- Correctly answered by Ian Dawn

5: There is a thing, which nothing is, yet it has a name. It's sometimes tall and sometimes short, it tumbles when we fall, it joins our sport, and plays at every game... Answer: Shadow -- Correctly answered by Ian Dawn

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