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Who can solve?

By: Wotan

Page 1, Here\'s more for you to exercise those grey little cells. More riddles from my collection

1: I am not a razor yet those I cares need never shave again. I have no lips yet my kiss is dealy. Your best friend, I will kill you. Now speak my name, then ready me. Answer: Sword -- Correctly answered by Imad Ul Islam

2: I touch your face, I'm in your words, I'm lack of space and beloved of birds... What am I? Answer: Wind / Air -- Correctly answered by Ian Dawn

3: I come out of the eath, I am sold at the market. He who buys me cuts off my tail, takes off my suit of silk, andweeps beside me when I am dead. Answer: Onion -- Correctly answered by Imad Ul Islam

4: What force and strength cannot get through, I, with a gentle touch, can do. And many in these twisted halls would stand, were I not, as a friend, at hand... Answer: Key -- Correctly answered by Mentis Cibum

5: More beautiful than the face of your God, yet more wicked than a Daemon's forked tongue? Dead men eat it all the time. Live men who it it die slow... Answer: Nothing -- Correctly answered by Mentis Cibum

6: Two bodies have I, yet both joined in one. The more still I stand, the quicker I run... Answer: Hourglass -- Correctly answered by Mentis Cibum

7: What flares up and does a lot of good, and when it dies is just a piece of wood? Answer: Match / Torch -- Correctly answered by Imad Ul Islam

8: I tie and hold, capture and bind, yet both knights and knaves doth crave me. I faithfully enslave all within my grasp, whether or not they seek me. Yey those who have not felt my unmerciful hand, are pitied by their fellow Man... Answer: Love -- Correctly answered by Persephone84

9: I run smother than any rhyme, I love to fall but cannot climb. I tremble at every breath of air, yet can heaviest burdens bear... Answer: Water -- Correctly answered by Alpha Trinity

10: Crushed beneath trampling feet, kept in darkness and cold. I am useless if I have suffered not, but having suffered, my temper is sweet and strong to all those who partake. What am I, at start? Answer: Grape

11: So cold, damp and dark this place, to stay you would refrain, yet those who occupy this place do never complain... Answer: Grave -- Correctly answered by Perephone84

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