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Angus feels the need to escape from his confusing and repetitive life. So he needs to runaway to someplace. Not from. To. He loved paper, and that's why he chose Oxford. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 26, 2008    Reads: 215    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Most people start off their books (usually chick lit) by intoducing the character, his/her likes/dislikes etc. etc. So that's what I have set out on doing.

That's Angus Kingsley. Right there. Under that tree. Beaming and doing origami as if Japanese paper-folding was the only thing in the world that mattered.

So Angus (as you might have already gathered) had this obsession. With paper. Most people just thought Angus was some lunatic, and in some ways, he was. But it really wasn't his fault.

It all began some 18 years ago, when Mr. Kingsley met Mrs. Kingsley and they got married. They were both normal people. Mr. Kingsley worked as a lawyer at Boothby Lawyers. Mrs. Kingsley worked in a city block, at a bank. They were both highly extraordinary creatures (that was sarcastic). So they had a kid, named Arthur. Then they had another kid; Alice. Then another, Angus.

Immediately, Angus knew something was wrong. His brother was 16, short, a very, very, very gifted dancer, and well... girl-crazy. Alice, his sister, was 14, short, a very, very, very gifted singer, and... boy crazy. Everyone expected Angus to be short, gifted and *cough cough* girl-crazy (suprise suprise). Infact, he was the opposite.

Angus= 13, tall, not girl crazy. And he was gifted too. Angus was intelligent. Very intelligent. Very, very intelligent. Very, very, very, very, very intelligent. But he was different.

Angus attended Kensington Boy's Grammar School with Arthur. They wore maroon blazersin winter, and white shirts with ties in summer.

Every morning at 6.30 a.m. Angus's alarm clock would ring, and at 6.42 a.m. Angus would have brushed his teeth and be pouring Rice Puffs into a bowl. The bowl would be 3/5 full, and 150mL of milk would be poured out of a red milk carton. After eating, Arthur would then be given a "Good Luck With School" handshake, Alice, a "Do Well" kiss and Angus a "Hurry Up Angus" push from their mother. Then they headed to the school bus which took them to school (Alice had to walk a bit).

At 8.25 a.m. Period 1 would begin, in which Angus would sit 5 seats from the back, 3 seats from the right. Mr. Prosser would do roll call, and Maths would begin. The class later moved to History, then Chemistry, then Phsyics and so on so forth.

You might have realised Angus's life is repetitive. And that his mother probably doesn't like him much. So, here we are. You now undertand Angus, and we can get on with the story.


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