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Truth in Sight

By: AyamaZero

Page 1,

You see a black horse, brown and white,
I see a change in night
A run in the trees
A chance to be free

You see a river running, a lake and the ocean
I see a race in motion
A standing picture
Life in a pitcher

You see a girl in a croud, a boy alone
I see someone who can't see
And a dreamer who can feel the throne

You see the colors on a palet, the blues, greens, and grays.
I see the lights and bays
The ocean and trees
The only chance to be free
In this world where the cage that is your fears

Can you break the chains holding you in place?
Can you laugh at fear in the face?

Can you stand your ground?
When everything is falling down?

I can see the world as a picture
Not hidden behind world the bricks
But changed like water sitting in that pitcher
But like the glass letting the light shine through
Even in the darkest room...

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