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On Things Gone Away

By: EJRylee

Page 1, A new poem--yay!

A land that, once, forgot by time
Lives only under past’s design
Inside the bitter, darkened mind
Encroaching on the thoughts

And everything that happens now
To there it goes--to those, somehow
Who gain or lose the glimpse allowed
To any who forgot

For there exists another world
And land we’ve seen before, unfurled
Before our eyes--if only stirred!
By thoughts of something lost

So few are those who travel there
To see old faces--unaware
That they don’t see the living, where
Content with what they find

They come back here, where sorrow lies
As vast and great as massive skies
And every being fights and tries
To reach for what’s behind

But just to those who live here only
Are there new days--never lonely
Memories are welcomed warmly
Thoughts of old awake again

Treasured moments--simply past
Have gone before and gone at last
As it should be--the unsurpassed
Contentment with the present

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