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The Beautiful Good

By: Matthew Brazwell

Page 1, Some short poems/phrases I made from doing blackout poetry and dadaist poetry. I hope y\'all enjoy!

Shades of the Devil

     Homes of the nightlife won't change, nor, never fall to the Shades of the Devil, as long as they contain faith.


     Realize, not hatred, but that your an American. don't be patronized, be included among us. A chance for African-Americans, Asians-Americans, and Latino to diverse.

Kind Word

     to be back for a time, stopped the scars and blind hatred with the memory of your last kind word, love.

The Beautiful Good

     I insist they must lie, they must be quite, should jump up at you to the point people walk around at their feet. Brilliant, but unnerving. Fairly patterned yet plain and dull that seemed apologetic. Now we've been liberated. And the person responsible is a man who, I think, has done much for decorating. Anyone. His brilliant small-patterns revolutionized the world.

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