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Silvan Silverware

By: Sambelini

Page 1, I don\'t really know, just random ramblings, haha

When I saw the fork in the road, in the forest
I knew it belonged not alone
And I saw in it

The fork sprouted both eastward and west
Away from the North, I'd been happily bound
But where was the dish,
Who'd made off with the spoon?

And the knife,
Did it linger
Down one of those paths?
And if so, down which?

I knew I'd be better
To meet with the couple
Than to reach the sharp knife,
Lonely and fierce.

Which path to choose?
The one less traveled?
But why, I did ask,
Was it travel'd so less?

So I chose the same way
As many before me
For fear that the knife
Lay beyond the fork's finger
That was trodden on less,
Because its traveler's never returned by it

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