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Christmas Eve!

By: Sapphire Angel

Page 1, I little girl whose is trying to keep awake on Christmas Eve.

Where is Santa?

All the lights are out

the moon gleaming in the sky.

The nioses fade away,

"I can't wait for Christmas Day!


Tossing and turning 

in my bed.

I cannot sleep.

Why even try!

I'm too excited!


So I will tip toe,

down the stairs,

to where,

Santa will be there!


Sitting on the couch awaiting,

For the jolly red man,

in the big red suit.


Where is Santa?

Will he come?

To give me ,

lots and lots of,

gifts and toys!


The time has passd,

and I am tired.

So to my dreams I will let go.

But wait !

what is that Ho Ho HO!


Must I go back down,

to see what he had brought,

lots of  toys I have gotten,

I feel at rest.

So I must confess.

That I fell asleep,

Right under the tree!



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