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The Divergence Theory

By: Don George

Page 1, Satire; with four sentences constructed lengthy. This one picks you up nowhere, takes you nowhere, then drops you off right where you got picked up; nowhere. (a satire)

Initially, I would like to begin this synopsis with a varying set of regulations which in no way reflect a consistency similar to the inherent parts of ideas relating in an offhand way to the various other types of categorizing these ideas into any sort of cohesive fashion.

Ideally, the scenario created would attempt to spell forth a system of thought that would resemble but not pecisely emulate a consistent analysis which had been eluded to yet was unable to stratify all of the necessary inter-related portions of the exact subject matter at hand.

Therefore, as an un-avoidable consequence, the aforementioned configurations, excluding of course those sections which have yet to be included in the information thus far, will be considered in a light specific to its own unique balance of interplay, subject to prescribed conditions.

Having this been said, we can delve a little deeper into the overall viscidities in regards to the projections, actions and awareness of the seemingly endless array of various modes of operation concerning the fortitude and necessities involving each particular aspect of the process itself

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