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As I sat upon my rock...

Short story By: alexandraeverylnpoulios

A short story of youth and past love.

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The Rock
Alex Poulios
She sat on the rock, shaking with the tears that ran down her cheeks. She gently cupped her hands to cover her raw, bloodshot eyes.
The waves lashed at her knees, which she hugged to her chest. So many times she had visited the same rock, in the hope that it would
give her inspiration and guidance. But just as the year had changed her, so had her rock, her hideaway from the world. The world that had aged her nineteen year old face well beyond it's years. Stress lines and pimples were the only evidence of her past mistakes.
Meg looked out to the water.
" Hey," he muttered, joining her on the rock.
James smiled shyly, then joined her gaze to the ocean.
" Are you alright?" he reached across, gently pulling lose strands of hair behind her ears.
" Do you think it was a mistake coming back?" her blunt honesty shocked James. He had once known a young, timid girl that would not comment on a subject so tender. That timid girl had changed.
"Well…um... maybe? I don't know Meg. It's been a year..." They continued to sit in silence, looking at the ocean and as the sun slowly crept down towards the horizon.
"I have to go," called Meg, sitting up from her beloved rock and making her way along the beach. Each step she took was deeply indented into the sand.
"Wait, please don't leave!" argued James with his chestnut brown eyes almost illuminating in the dusk.
"Please just let me okay? It was hard enough coming back here. Do you think I would if it wasn't for her?!" Meg swallowed harshly. Old wounds not healed but simply masked were re-opened without a seconds notice.
"It was a mistake Meg. I thought we'd moved on…" That comment cut Meg deep. She felt an ice cold serge of pain run through the center of her throat and down towards her chest.
Meg turned quickly around, and began walking forward, her high heels making it all the more harder to escape the real life nightmare. Suddenly , she felt a holt in her walking. Her black dress had snagged on a large, rotten piece of driftwood. Quickly she spun around. Whimpering, she held back the tears that made her eyes sting and burn. "Oh please come off, ****! Just come off !" Meg heard the sound of her own voice, wobbling and frightened. She pulled in one great tug and listened to the material split right along the hem. She started sniffling and made her way down the path she had walked many times. She walked the path like clockwork, not aware of where she was walking or being careful of where she was placing her feet.
At the same time, James was staring at his past, too afraid to blink in case she might disappear altogether.
He watched as his first love tried to make an escape from him and his world. The night sky had begun to get darker and cooler. He silently watched the path and a small fleeing figure, illuminated by the flickering lamp posts in her path.
James made a giant leap off Meg's beloved rock. He had known of this rock, and when he had received news of her arrival back in town, he'd know where she would be.
He followed her high heel imprints silently and began to shout in fury, guilt and anger. When he finally reached the rotten driftwood, he grabbed the small piece of black material that was caught by wire entangled around it.
With a moments hesitation he took off after her. He wasn't about to make the same mistake twice; he should have never let her go…
As James ran to catch up to Meg, thoughts of happier and simpler times flooded his thoughts.
As he reminisced on past memories, he remembered the first time he had seen Meg.
It was on the first day of pre-school, the had been partnered up for a small art activity.
By the end of the day the two were married, over a lovely and juvenile ceremony, the rings being sugar covered jelly. He laughed to himself as he remembered Meg eating her ring. James had cried all afternoon in the corner...
James tripped on a stray piece of driftwood, alerting him back to reality. Faintly in the distance, he could now see a silhouette that resembled Meg.
He continued along the yellow path, beside the path were trees, full and luscious, blowing gently in the summer air.
Meg slowed her step, secretly wishing that James would catch up to her. She was experiencing serious dejavou from just over a year ago, a night filled with un-wanted running away and loss.
She remember the night so vividly, like it had been a week ago, not closing in on 12 months.
Meg had met James on this same beach. She had received an un expected phone call from him in the early hours of the morning, James pleading with Meg to meet him on the beach. Their beach.
With James voice distort and wobbly, Meg had reluctantly agreed to meet him, creeping out of her front house in the wee hours of the morning.
The wind had been fierce and strong, blowing Megs dirty blonde hair around her face, so fast and random that she could hardly see where she was going. After minuets of waiting, which in the cold and wind has seem like eternity, James appeared before her.
"Meg," he muttered grabbing her hand, his eyes in a gaze with the ground.
"Hey," she replied with a smile, leaning in for a kiss as James turned his head, Megs lips landed directly on James's right cheek.
After much arguing, and nasty comments, what had one been James and Meg was now James...and Meg. They broke up. Meg never really understood the reasons. James spoke for the most part, rambling on about having secret rendez-vous with the new girl in town, Emma, but Meg never really had closure and felt that was the true reason for breaking up.
As she walked home, Megs chest felt heavy and cold. She didn't remember much after that, only the heavy steps of going back to bed and the constant wondering of why James had decided to brake up in the middle of a winter night at the beach...
James had lost sight of Meg, so continued along the usual route to her house, one he had made many times along in the dead of the night, so it made no difference if he could see the faint outlines of the path or not.
As he continued to walk at a fast, upbeat pace he thought over the events that had unfolded over the past year. It had been lonely in town with Meg gone, it was the first time in his life where James had felt truly isolated. He distracted thoughts of her, by keeping himself busy...with other girls. Every weekend was a new fling, always waking up to a new face, a new person. But soon James had grown sick of his new lifestyle, and yearned for the return of Meg. He didn't even know where'd she had escaped to...
Whilst holding the small patch of Meg's dress firmly and tightly in his hand, James heat pounded against his chest. This was the moment James had waiting for, played over in his mind many. many times and had desired over for months.
Megs figure came into view, Meg tripping over stray logs and sticks, the yellow path thinning as they began to enter town, only a couple of streets until they would reach Megs old house, where her parents still resided.
He was only steps away from her, his arm extending to met hers. He caught her hand, and held it tight, until Meg turned and their eyes met for a second time that night.
Their eyes held a tight gaze that lasted many minuets, until Meg broke with stare, looking deep at the ground. She let go of his hand, and followed it as it helplessly flopped to his right side.
It was too late. Things would never be the same again, no matter how charming James acted in the future, the betrayal he had caused her over the last 12 months said it all. As she looked at her past love, she smiled. She had closure. Meg kissed James on his freshly shaven right cheek, and walked away in the darkness, leaving James standing in the summer darkness, with a defeated look plastered across his face.


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