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Last Message or not?

Short story By: khankhanmaddy

Submitted:Dec 27, 2009    Reads: 229    Comments: 7    Likes: 11   

If my story would be the fairy tale I could have start from once upon a time but not every story could be the fairy tale some time life is all about lose yourself or some one else it can be excited or thrill, reality or fantasy. Human nature is a wear that small gentle feelings are good for the soul. Some time people might think life is like a dime a dozen and they fervently hope that life proved to be as happy as possible under many circumstances. My name is James and I lived in small town of London borough, I promised myself the most important thing that I will bring up my morals and let the world know what an amazing life can be. But if something is written in your destiny it will unable to cope with whatever life throws at yourself. Sometime amount of strength can teach us proudest or atrocious legacy. I was desperate to have the most exciting adventure with my best friend, but after my bitter experience my exhilaration was fall apart. The city of Paris might look very stunning or romantic, but in real life it would much sound as apprehensive and suspicious. When I lost my credit card in airport it gives me a cry wolf. "I should constantly think positive" I said enthusiastically. Once we check in hotel we decided to visit the heart of Paris, Eiffel tower wow!!!! You are magnificent! I whispered to myself. We had a good time. On the way back to hotel, Sam's (my best friend) cell phone buzzed, he flipped up and looked at it, and then he seems to be frightened. "What is it" I asked impatiently. 'This place is no good', I said in disgust. 'Let's try somewhere else'. 'Just a minute,' exclaimed Sam, he moved forward, "I have to go its emergency, sorry dear! I will see you in hotel" he threw a hotel key, but he didn't looked at me in my eyes when he said nothing. On the taxi on the way hotel it gave me weird feelings, I was wondering who on earth could have texted him? He was acted very strangely since we came in Paris. It makes me feel as if I am solving a puzzle or strangle myself in a puzzle. Mostly I am always excited to go to bed around 11 or 12, but tonight was different. I looked at my watch. It was almost 1:30 AM I was too cross to sleep. I get up and walk towards hotel lobby. Some were hanging around over coffee, some were playing chess. I was intolerantly waiting for him. As it says drastic times call for drastic measures, I called him; it was continuously in an answering machine. After to much in struggle I scurried off to bed. I was keep thinking how long it will take him to sort it out his so called emergency problem. What if he is in real dilemma? What if he is in dodgy business? Oh! I should think positive. Next morning I got up a bit late, still there was no sign of Sam; I was feeling as if I was going to cry. And I received a message; "sorry James don't wait for me I will never come back" his message was all Greek to me. I hastily ran to police and translator was passing on my report to them. 'I'll see what I can do,' said an officer, without having the least intention of doing anything at all. It wasn't easy, talking to police. I walked hotel in silence. I still felt too shaky to think. Next day, a policeman called Peter Baxter came to see the hotel workers in the breakfast hour. I thought I might get some hints from him, but I didn't. Peter looked at workers very hard, and said, "If any of you saw anything suspicious anything at all you must tell us now." After a long inspection he was gone. "I can't give up. I've got to at least try to find him." Suspects might be anyone who has motivation. Or anyone who has opportunity. Well, I don't know who would have opportunity. Anyone who wants to take revenge with Sam, I suppose. Okay. Move on to motivation. Well, why would anyone kidnapped Sam in Paris? Again to take revenge, probably. I feel as if my stomach is sort of sloshing round my shoes in a cold. I don't know where he is, he never acted like this before. Oh Lord why life is full of surprises and inexplicable. I myself start looking for him. Bizarre streets, different language like chalk and cheese it makes me more terrified. And then I heard someone shouting. He sounded miles away, and though I had an idea that the words he was calling should mean something, I didn't know what it was. He was rushing towards me suddenly I bang! Into him. He looked at me and said. "ceci est pour vous" (this is for you) which of course I didn't understand a word he forward a piece of paper to me and run away. I stared his back suspiciously, wondering why he gave me this latter. I impulsively started reading this latter and then there was a screaming inside me. Next morning, it was one of those weird dreams when you know you are dreaming and can't do anything about it. Everything that had happened to me in the last few days was all puzzled. me and my lonely bag went to airport my eyes were full of tears I am trying to forget what happened yesterday and imagining myself as it's only a horrendous dream, all the time I was there with him but suddenly I lost him may be forever. A piece of paper says the same thing "sorry James don't wait for me I will never come back". I was obviously not ready for this strange shock and mystery. It's been 6 months people might forget him and moved on, but I'm not. I do miss out on stuff he does he makes me laugh we share joy and sorrow together. He's a great man, no matter what his last message says I'm still waiting for him and will be forever. Wait!!!!!!!!! Where are you going this is not an end…. Well, unintentionally I rang Sam's house, with full of hope he might return home. Tanya (his mom) answered the phone. "Oh, sorry …. I was wondering if Sam came back from Paris." I said and was going to say bye and put the phone down, except Tanya said, "Paris? What do you mean? He's gone to PC world to work, James." "Okay," I said, very slowly. But my heart was beating very fast. PC World? He came back, but then why hadn't he told me? I don't know what to think. All I knew that I was going to the PC World. On the way to the PC World I was thinking all those dreadful experience I had in Paris. I was worried about him and angry with him too. I went inside the PC World. No sign of Sam I looked everywhere. I just turned around and walked off. I went out through Backyard Street; two people were sitting side by side, looking at each other. Sam and a guy who gave me his message…… I just stood there, my heart stop beating. I think it was the shock. They hadn't seen me at all. I heard Sam say, "But Antoine, I hate having to keep it a secret." Oh my God, so this was it, I am going to stand and fight! "So this is the top secret! You are a selfish and worst kind. I said angrily. Normally, we fight at the thought of not having so long to spend with each other. But today was different. "Give me a chance to explain, we could go for a coffee'. He said consolingly. "Look is not Sam's fault, it's mine. He didn't want to keep a secret but I made him. He sighed and shoved his hands into the pockets of his jacket. A lump came in to my throat; my mind was flood of emotions and anger. I wanted to ignore them but I couldn't. I looked at him, he had a striking hairstyle. French look with French accent... I ignored him. "If someone else did that Sam, I would kill him"! He didn't say anything. After a bit silence, Sam said, "It seems like I spoil everything but its better to know the truth." "Truth is," he muttered, his parents and this society are really harsh and nobody will accept our relation not even you." "Well, who said I won't? I hold myself shaking with irritation and anger. It was obviously going to take hours to get it all sorted out, so we all went to Starbucks. "I am sorry I should tell you the truth" Sam break the silence. Antoine didn't say anything. At first I wished to kill both of them and won't believe their excuses but then I thought its better to know. I'm not going to tell them what I felt after what happened to me, I thought. "Why did you keep this a secret anyway? You are in a relationship with him, not a big a deal. You almost gave me a heart attack when you left me in Paris alone, what was that all about? Don't wait for me…. and all utter rubbish." I exploded. 'Put it the other way. Suppose you were me, what would you do?" Sam said and looked at him pleadingly. "Forget it what I would do, next time never lie to me." I said calmly. I looked at Sam and I started to get really upset. I'd never seen him so miserable. "I forgive you!" I said. Yes!!!! I forgive him… Sam and Antoine are now married; Paris Trip was the worse incident ever happened to me. But I learned a lot I used to think that the world is fair but I was wronged there are two kinds of people in this world, one… who make rules and stick to it and second, who listen to their heart and follow their dreams. I began to ask myself what option I would choose. Suddenly, I feel the heat invade my whole body but this time it feels calm, it's different. I hope world understand, love has no boundaries; love only spread peace, I believe to be a step on the ladder towards tribute to love. And now I am not a guy who searches for meaning… not anymore.


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