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The Witch's Riddle

By: Savior

Page 1, You are a young riddler who seeks to become a Riddlemaster. You\'re next challenge is from a witch.

You step through the wall of fire to find yourself in a well appointed room, with a large cauldron sitting in one corner. A beatiful woman reclines on a sofa in the opposite corner.

The witch shoots a glance at you, amused.

"Well well" she says. "Look who we have here."

She beckons you forward, and then lifts a hand to stroke your cheek. She chuckles, and points to the side of the room opposite from where you entered. A door stands there.

"To leave this place young man, you must go through that door. However, that door is locked. I will tell you where to find the key that opens the door. Beware however, if you try to open the door with the wrong key, you will never leave this place," she tells you slyly.

"Now listen closely," she commands, and says:

This is

Something you knew when you were born

Something you were afraid of when young

Something you wish for when you get older

Something you keep when you are full grown

She then smiles again, and leans back on her sofa.

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