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trust me, you don't want to know

By: The Story Teller

Page 1, well you know that game where you only write one sentence before another person writes there sentence and so on? Don\'t do when eating chocolate! WARNING:this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!


Once upon a time there was a young lady called bob.
The sky was a dark swirl of angry clouds. 
There was no way in the world that she could love him!
As he walked past he saw a beautiful coconut tree and was instantly attracted to it. 
Tears clouded her eyes….was this really the end?
He smiled and said that he liked oranges too. 
The sky was blue, why was it always blue? Why couldn’t it be green instead? Green was a far nicer colour in Jay’s opinion; after all it matched Annika’s eyes.
The road was dry and he walked along it remembering what had just happened; her face, her smile and her dentures. 
She sreamed, well wasn’t that the appropriate thing to do at the time? I mean, she had no makeup on after all.
He raised his sword as his hatred built up in him and forced it down with all his strength and hatred. 
He looked her squarely in the eyes, she wasn’t herself; her eyes were glazed over and she was almost not looking at him, almost looking past him. He turned on his heels and his heart jumped into his mouth! “You!”
 I crashed through the trees blinded by the smoke and quickly climbed up the tree, the branches dug into my hands and feet and I felt blood being squeezed out of the miniature wounds created. 
The world new no different, the sun would peak through the clouds  and no one would know of the fallen warrior, she was everything a world wanted for a queen and for her to be so cruelly slaughtered…it was wrong.
I leaned against the tree, I could feel my heart beat throbbing in my head. I took out the knife concealed in my boot and raised it in my last defence. 
“Do you, Oliver Harrison, take Maria Angilo to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, love, cherish and obey, until deaths do you part?” Without hesitation I answered “Yes”
The smoke clouded my vision and I staggered through the building half-blinded. I called out for someone, anyone in this horror but the only sound was the crackle of the fire slowly devouring everything. I fell to the floor my breaths coming quicker and quicker. I half closed my eyes and a darkness took over my vision. My breaths were so quick that I couldn’t get enough air into my burnt lungs. 
The end.

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