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Who are they, really?

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In a time, perhaps long ago, perhaps not, or maybe both, there had lived a king, a queen, and a man named Jack. They had each been born as quadruplets. Four kings, four queens, and four men named Jack. Each lived in separate, but close-by kingdoms. One ruled over the others, simply for the fact that their father named them the better of the four. One claimed all of the nearby diamond mines, gold mines and mineral deposits. One was most popular, with so many acquaintances that no one had ever had before. The other was full of married couples and lovers.

Each kingdom has a story. The kingdom of power: One day, a king and a queen were elected to reign over a small, yet powerful kingdom. A man named Jack was named their advisor, assistant and palace carl. Each of these people, the king, the queen and Jack, were hungry for power. Each wanted to be in charge and to feel like the king of the world. As each were getting settled into the palace, each were planning something to rid themselves of the others. The king, who wanted nothing more than to have the kingdom to himself, crafted a poison so potent that even a bear wold fall dead with a single drop.The queen, jealous that she had never been born with beauty, wanted to have all men and women alike to bow down on their knees to her. She laced a dagger with the poison from her personal, special blossums. Lastly, there was Jack, who had always been obsessed with his looks. He decided to hire an assassin, thinking the work of killing the queen and king himself would strain his utter beauty. That night, each began to go through with their plans. The king put the poison into both the queen and the Jack's food. The Queen hid the dagger under the table for when the king sat down. Once he did, she'd very gently scratch the king's leg with the dagger and blame it on Jack. Who'd believe Jack over the queen? The Jack was simply waiting for the assassins to come at the end of dinner. All at once, their plans were in action. The Jack decided to take the first bite, within seconds, he fell to the side onto the queen, her dagger was knocked into the kings leg, he screamed, the assassins then barged in, slit the queen's throat open, and left. There they were. Power hungry, yet so very powerless. King on the ground, queen lying back on her chair, Jack in her lap. The room no longer smelt of power, but of death. ______________________________________

On the same day, another three people were named king and queen of a kingdom, with a man named Jack as their carl. All of these people wanted to have more. More money, more power, more everything. They cared not of each other, just of the money and their possessions. On the day they had been chosen to reign over this kingdom, there had been an awful storm. Living in a valley, their kingdom was flooding. They didn't believe anything could penetrate the walls of their palace, so they thought nothing of it. Until the flood infact did penetrate their palace, that is. It was all so sudden. They silently were eating, then water began to poor. They had to get out of there, but they couldn't just leave their money, their possessions. They scrambled to their rooms. The king and queen's room was full of things. Jewels, trinkets, money. They had collected all of it to brag for, what would they be without their money, jewels and trinkets? They filled a chest with their priceless possessions. But there was so much stuff, they had to get it all. The jack had things he needed to get, too. Things he'd acquired, things he had stolen from the king and queen. He would not be the same man with out them. As he got his crate of possessions, he ran down the hall, but when he passed the half water-filled room of the king and queen, he saw the king had fled, but the queen's dress was stuck on the bed-frame. He couldn't leave her, but the room was already filling, he'd die if he tried to save her. He saw her crate, lunged for it, and ran down the remainder of the hallway with his crate and the queen's crate. They were so heavy, he couldn't get out of the lower level. He had to, he just had to get the crates out. How much it was worth just made his stomach turn at the thought of leaving them there. When Jack got around the corner, he saw the king, banging in the door that was being forced shut by water. He had almost made it to the door when the door flew open, water rushed in, and the king and Jack couldn't be saved. They drowned in this flood, along with the queen. Their greed for money and possessions had not only been their life, it had been their death. ___________________________

On still the same day, yet another three people were announced king and queen of a kingdom with a carl named Jack. They were so popular. Everyone knew them and everyone had to like them, else they be shunned and hated by the king and queen. Eventually, the king, queen, and Jack wanted to be alone. So many people talking, smiling, sucking up, asking for things, it was sickening. For the first time, the king, queen, and Jack realized they weren't liked for who they were, but because they were royalty. They had been forced to attend festivals, dinners, plays, balls, and so many other parties. They only wanted to be alone. At one point during their day, they had all commit something terrible. The queen had cheated on the king with Jack. And, so unfortunately, had gotten pregnant. On the other hand, the king had hired a prostitute, and was infected with what was then known as "lover disese". Becaus everyone knew the king, queen, and Jack, everyone soon learnt of the pregnancy, cheating, and infection of the king. The queen and king both had different doctors, and they sold the information of infection and pregnancy to the public. The Jack had gotten drunk one night, and clumsily told his friend of the whole ordeal. The prostitute bragged about sleeping with the king. Soon, everyone knew everything. The queen, king, and Jack were hated more than anyone had ever been. Eventually, people wanted them out of the kingdom, but being the king and queen, they got to choose. Of course they stayed, but they were soon assassinated. They went from being the most loved and popular, to the most hated. Their deaths were mourned by no one. _________________________________________________________

On, of course, they same day, three people were elected the king, queen, and carl of the kingdom. The king and queen were married after the king had lost his one true love. When she died, he needed a wife, but he didn't want one. Anyway, he married the queen. He always mourned the death of his one true love, and never loved anyone else. The queen did love the king. He was all she had ever wanted. She served him, helped him, did whatever he wanted. She would take her own life if he wanted her to. Jack had always been in love with the queen. She was beautiful and humorous, she had the most beautiful heart he had ever encountered. The king had always ignored the queen, the queen had always chased him and his love, the queen had always ignored Jack, and he had always chased her love. Eventually, the queen realized that the king had never loved her the way she loved him. He never appreciated her, he never cared. And the Jack, too, realized that the queen had never cared. On the very same night, each had planned to kill. They left a note, the queen to the king, Jack to the queen, and the King to everyone. They had each acquired a vile of potent poison. The note from the king read: I have always wanted to live with my true love. Now, maybe I can. The queen and Jack's notes read: You were my one true love, sorry I couldn't be your's... They, at the twelfth hour of night drank their poison. As love has never been stronger, lovers have never been weaker. ______

Inspired by the suicidal king (King of hearts)_________________________________

Power, Greed, Popularity, and Love. Spades, Diomonds, Clubs, and Hearts.........


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