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Classic Cliche Contest

Novel By: KatzieWhatziz

My first contest! :P

Submitted:Apr 23, 2013    Reads: 79    Comments: 24    Likes: 3   

Classic Cliche

Looking for something, even if it isn't even remotely interesting, to do? Well lucky old you because I've got a contest that might interest you! Since stupid Booksie won't let me upload pictures on my writing, you won't be expecting any girly pictures or half-naked boys that make your ovaries burst. Let's get on with it, shall we?

You know how people are always moaning about how utterly cliche stories are nowadays? You might even have had a long, silly rant from some wannabe-simon-cowell for one of your hardly-worked-on stories. Well, this contest supports cliche! All you have to do is write a very cliche story (for example, best friends falling in love?)

You heard me.


A very classic cliche story but for a challenge, do add a twist to it if you like!

Here are the rules, {I'm sorry, but I have to! sad_smile.gif } :

1. Do NOT send in any story which has erotica in it. I'm thirteen and my hormones are already out of control. Don't want me to go on overdrive do you?

2. The story's got to be cliche! Hence, Classic Cliche?? You can most definitely add a few twists and just a tad of your own creative ideas but don't submit something that no one's ever heard of before!

3. SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION. I REPEAT. SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION---I definitely don't mind if you make tiny mistakes that even I do (for example; The boy atee an apple) but I shall not expect some crap like this;

my name is brianna nd i'm like.....15 yrs old. i have a bf who is tots hawwwtttttt!! but he never notices me :(((

Uhh...no. Belive me, there are stories that are actually like that. On places like Wattpad, not much on Booksie (THANKFULLY) Seriously, leave text-talks to when you are ACTUALLY texting someone in the story!!! Kapish? Good!

4. No Twilight-related vampires, I beg of you! I don't want another story of Bella the oh-so-clumsy-but-oh-so-perfect and sparkly Mr. Cullen. Other types of Vampire cliches? I shall accept!

5. Any other types of fan-fiction is allowed but remember...cliches are a must! I have never read The Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit so if you're going to write something on that then please write it in detail otherwise I won't understand a word of it! Ooh, do write Harry Potter cliches if you want! I adore them!

6. Gay/Lesbian stories are allowed though remember, you do not need to elaborate on details such as ripping each other's clothes off!!

The Contest ends on 31st of May 2013

I repeat. 31st of May 2013!

I think you know the drill, if you submit anything after that date then it will not be

part of the contest no matter how thrillingly brilliant it is!

So, you must be thinking...hey! What's in it for me if I win? Well here are the prizes;

Winner; Interviewed by me! Gets fanned by me and also gets their stories featured on my profile page for 3 months!

1st runner up; Interviewed, gets fanned by me and gets their story featured on my profile page for a month!

2nd Runner up (poor person, usually only gets fanned but I'll be generous!): Gets fanned, interviewed and name featured on my page for a week!

Submit your story links down below !

Good Luck~


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