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A Confrontation

Article By: masteroffear

Tags: Life, Love, Friends, Hurt

I would like to dedicate this to everyone who had been hurt by someone they cherished ,and also to these at the other side of it .. It takes two to play the game ..I thought you were different , but turns out you are just the same .

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I would like to dedicate this to everyone who had been hurt by someone they cherished ,
and also to these at the other side of it .. It takes two to play the game ..

I thought you were different , but turns out you are just the same .

How many people had lost friends , or lovers .. ? How many of us had had high hopes in someone , and then one day it all was gone , and a very ugly reality of a person we thought we know , shows up ?
Life taught me that you can never really know someone , no matter how long you are with them , how deep you get to know them , that doesnt at all mean that you had been put face to face with their reality. You might spend years getting to know someone , and it all ends up being meaningless , while one second , one moment .. one act , can reveal what's really hidden under the layers and layers of them .

I am not superman , and i am anything but perfect , but at least i know what i am , and what i am not , what i have , and what i still need .. It shocks me to think of the number of people who really dont know any of that , some spend years trying to understand the person they ended up being , and yet fail .. We all fail at some point , but at least we are trying , others think that a mirror and the reflection they saw when they woke up in this morning , is all they need to know who they are , but tell me .. how deep is a mirror , really ?

I had been let down so many times , that i kind of forget what it is like to have someone have ur back , what it means to actually trust someone , and never think twice before depending on them .
Now , i dont really expect anything out of people , and with that acts of kinds and support turn out to be pleasnt surprises , instead of having to live through disappointment , failure , and loss .

You are my friend , but i cant really say that i know you. I cant help it , i saw the ugly face of life already , and things cant be the same again .

It hurts so much to trust someone , and then watch that faith you had in them , scatter in front of you , like a glass wall that crashes down , the noise it makes is defeaning , but the truth is , you dont hear any of that , because you are too taken by the bits and pieces that fall apart . It hurts when you see something so precious to you treated that way . Not when you gave away a part of you , when you trusted , and believed ..

No one has the right to judge anyone , nor tell them how to act . I am not asking you to be a saint or to wear a golden ring over your head , but all what i am asking from you is to be true with me .

Thinking about this , i cant but ask , how many of us really know what being true is ? Being true to our friends and family , being true to God .. being true to ourselves ?

You canr expect someone to be that with you , when they arent even honest with themselves ..
How can you give .. what you dont even have ?

So many people let us down , and life goes on , it always does .. We sometimes run into them again , we could talk .. and things could be back to normal again , but in the middle of that , i want to freeze everything , and take things back to that time when it happened ,
After all , and when you had been alone in your bed at night , didnt it occur to you how much you had hurt me ? How can you over look that .. ? How can you get over the words , what you had said .. hadnt these words bruised your lips as you said them ? Because they had cut right through me as i got them .
Just tell , for at least a second .. had you felt it ? Had you felt me ? had you felt a fraction of guilt , towards what you did .. ?

If you do , then i can at least think that you , know it , even if you didnt choose to tell me , then at least you do , inside ..
but if you dont .. and if you still think that it was nothing ,
if you still think that hurting me that way was your right ,,
Then .. i dont have anything to say ..
You are way too broken to understand what it means to be fixed ..

No one every dies from a broken heart ,
i had been hurt ..
But i am still standing ,
Thank God .. i am still standing .. and i will always be ,
What doesnt kill you , makes you stronger ..

and here i am ..

At least i can sleep in peace at night ,
Tell me how things are with you , where you are ...


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