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Love Withdrawal Syndrome!

By: masteroffear

Page 1, How long could you fight that craving for the “highly addictive” drug called love? That’s the real question after all, isn’t it?!

Sometimes you want something so much that you actually believe, deep inside, that it is happening. You fool yourself with the idea that you have got what you want until at one point it hits you: You are way away from it!

Sarcastically, I am not talking about love here; I am talking about what I’d like to call “anti-love”! I’m talking about those precious moments you take for yourself away from the world and the noise of people’s ideas and suggestions in order to reverse the effect of love, to rewind it back like a song on a tape, press the backspace on your keyboard and erase its painful and happy memories, just wipe it off away from the surface of your life and existence…

When love becomes an aching addiction, it changes in form and name and turns into a drug! One that you crave, want and would do almost anything in order to feel the taste of again. At that point, you try so hard to quit it; without resorting to clinics or doctors. You put all your efforts into believing that you are recovering when in fact, you are not!

Some days, you feel alright; you feel relieved and good about yourself and the things you have achieved… You feel that you have progressed and that you’re moving on with no complications. Other days are cruel, and you can feel the symptoms of “withdrawal”. You see, when love transforms into a drug, the signs and characteristics that appear when trying to get over it become sever and both mentally and physically destructive! The emotional attachment we place into this love causes symptoms when decreasing the dosage of this love or when suddenly discontinuing it!

Withdrawal symptoms can and will vary significantly amongst individuals with some commonalities such as depression and anxiety (refusing to get out of bed, wanting to be alone, feeling weak and tired). This depends on the type on love you lost, its duration and length of use!

Yet the worst symptom of love withdrawal is love craving. Love craving is the result of the love’s imprinting in the memory, a pleasant association of euphoria with love! The subconscious memory then motivates you to seek this love because of the false imprint. The brain, in effect, has been trained that using love is the fastest way to feel good. Due to the extreme physiological or physical pain some experience during love withdrawal you can relapse before you complete the withdrawal process! And when you do, you are going back to square one!

How long could you fight that craving for the “highly addictive” drug called love? That’s the real question after all, isn’t it?!

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