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'One & Only' Character Pictures

By: Moustache Girl

Page 1, The character pictures and summary for my first novel: One & Only.

Character Pictures:

Ariana Grande

June Milton


Chace Crawford

Art Barnes


Lucy Hale

Patty Mills

(~June's Best Friend~)


Channing Tatum

Wesley Hunt

(~Art's Best Friend~)


Bella Thorne

Esther Milton

(~June's Younger Sister~)


Blake Lively

Zona Barnes

(~Art's Older Sister~)


Emma Stone

Julia Lewis

(~The Mean Girl~)


Mischa Barton

Mackenzie Chapman

(~Julia's Best Friend~)


Cody Simpson

Zachary Johnson

(~The Mean Boy 1~)


Josh Hutcherson

Trevor Richards

(~The Mean Boy 2~)



June Milton is a new girl in town, and not the type of new girls that come at the beginning of the year, but the type that come after the Christmas break. She hated her parents’ decision of leaving, especially in the middle of the school year, and without taking her opinion about it.

Art Barnes is a football player. He has the looks, the personality, the money, and the girls. He has every single thing any other normal boy would dream of. His birthday was coming up, and his friends were planning a surprise party where the whole school is invited – even June.

June was never a party lover, but after her mother forced her to go so that she can meet new people, she didn’t have any choice. Though when she first meets Art, she doesn’t seem to regret going at all.


Hello everyone!
I just wanted to thank you all for checking the character pictures of my very first novel 'One & Only'. It's actually based on an old story I wrote called 'The New Girl in Town' but I never really shared it with anyone.
I know the idea is kind of not original, but the details and plots and all of that are! So just give me a chance please!
I am after all new here, and I barely know how things go..

I am actually planning on writing a short biography on each and every single one of these characters, so that you can understand them more.
If you want me to keep you updated, I'd be more than glad to!

Once again, thankyou for reading, and a happy new year to all of you!
May 2013 make us all happy.

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