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Surviving San Diego- Cast :D

By: MysteriousStars

Page 1, not the best pictures.. But whatevers :P


Ashley Benson as Leia 


Louis Tomlinson as Ryan 


Adriana Lima as Alycia (younger Adriana tho :P)


Justin Bieber as Jerremy (No hate ^.^)


Megan Fox as Gabby 


Nick Jonas as Gabe (He's a baby face <3 and Gabby's Twin)


Ariana Grande as Amanda


Amanda Bynes as Briana (Ryan's Sister- Later introduced)


Logan Lerman as Calub (You will hear more from him, Promise!!)

Thats its guys! I'm sorry all the pictures arnt that good, but there are plenty more out there if you need better ones :P Let me know what you think! And please give me your opinion on Ryan, not sure if I should keep it as Louis or not :/


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