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The F-Word Character Pictures

By: PossiblyMine

Page 1, Being a rock star is every kids dream. But every kid doesn\'t know all the draw backs that can come from not having any privacy. Damian Lewis is the lead singer for the band, Fame, and, even though he\'s living the dream, he still left a lot of people behind when he moved up in the World. When Damian\'s mom orders him back to school, he dreads all the drama that will come along with trying to get an education like any normal teenager. He doesn\'t know how bad things can get when someone from his past attends the same high school. **These are the character pictures for my new novel

Damien Lewis

(Lead Singer of the band FAME)

Melody Evans

The Girl With A Brain and A Broken Heart

Leo Blair

Boy Next Door & Best friend to Damien

Peyton Brinks (Born Wilma Jane Brinks)

Lead guitarist in Fame, and Proud Lesbian

Todd Morgan

A Total Sweetheart, Plays Keyboard For Fame, Best Friend to Smith

Smith Andrews

The Know it all, Plays Bass For Fame, Best Friend to Todd

Nathan Cage

The Heartthrob and Lead Drummer Of Fame

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