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*21* Things I Love about You - Character Pics and Summary

Article By: RubyRose81196

Character Pics and Summary for my upcoming novel - *21* Things I Love abou You.

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16 year olds Jessica and her best friend Gracie call themselves nerds. They are in all the top classes and actually CARE what their marks are, unlike most the people in their year at the local public high school. Jessica has never had a boyfriend before, and the only guy she's ever like moved away. She's never even been asked out. Gracie's, on the other hand has found Mr Perfect. Descpite not really caring about appearance and guys, Jessica can't help be a tiny bit jealous. Enter the Football Jocks. In each chapter Jessica discovers something new she loves in the new quarterback. But how can a crazy nerd be with a stupid football jock?
The number in the title may be subject to change, depending on how many chapters I end up writing.
This is Jessica, the narrator of the story.
She is 16, never been kissed, asked out, or in love.
She's nerdy and top of her year at most her subjects except Science and Geography. And PDHPE, but somehow nobody counts that.
She wants to be a Journalist when she leaves school.
This is Gracie, Jessica's best friend.
Gracie and Jessica take turns to sleep over at each other's houses every night, as they live just down the street from each other. Gracie's been going out with her Mr Perfect, Nathan,for almost a year, though she's had several other boyfriends before him. She's obsessed with Science and plans on working in that area when she leaves school.
Neither of the guys are extremely acurate pictures of the actualy characters, but they give you a general idea.
This is Nathan, Gracie's boyfriend. He's also 16 and pretty nerdy. He hangs with Gracie and Jessica a lot of the time and they all get on really well.Though Nathan and Jess often end up in fights as they are both loud and hate admiting thatthey're wong. :"D
OK, so this is the mysterious new quarterback who recently moved from another school. I won't say anything about him at the moment, but yeah. And yes, that is Kenny Wormald :"D
I won't tell you his name, because that comes up later in the story, but if you're extremely smart, you'll be able to figure it out. Or you could always guess! haha
Here's the start of the first chapter, just to give you a bit of an idea of what it's like :"D I won't be uploading the actualy story until I've writen a few more chapters though, so It'll be up probably (important word) around the start of September probably. I don't know!

As I stood up from my spot on the concrete stairs outside the office entrance to school, the sun shone straight into my eyes. I blinked and looked down.

"Jessica!" Called a familiar voice, causing me to turn around. "Guess what I just found out?"

"What?" I sighed, looking up into Gracie's bright red, large framed glasses, knowing she was probably going to tell me that rhinoceroses drank through their horns or that all the rocks on mars were perfect cubes. Though she wouldn't say that because it's not true, but that's irrelevant. Grace was way too obsessed with animals and geology. It was her life, I swear.

"I was talking to Miss Milain and she told me what our marks were for the English test!" Her brown bob and front fringe jumping up and down as she ran on the spot with excitement.

"OHMIGOD! Really? What did she say?" Now I was excited. Come on, I liked English. What of it?

"You got full marks, as usual, but guess what I got?"

"112%?" I asked. This would be an amazing boost for Gracie's morale, even though she was amazingly smart, she has some strange warped view of herself and thought that she was really dumb.

"No," She scolded my stupidity, but her face brightened considerably as she announced "I got 68 out of 70!"

"YES, GRACIE! YES!" I exclaimed, hugging her as we danced around, jumping up and down.

"We'd better head home before the football jocks turn up and get jealous of your Nathan miss Cee Cee." I said in mock concern. Nathan was her boyfriend. And if I might say so, they were perfect for each other. I was so totally jealous. She was 16 and had already found Mr Perfect. Me? 16 and never been kissed. Never even been asked out, to be honest. But I mean, the only guy I'd ever had a crush on moved schools. Lucky me huh? Not like I would have ever asked him out anyway though.

"Well I'll just strut along in front of them and tease their butts off!" She replied, pretending to do a catwalk along the top of the stairs.

"You go girl!" I laughed.

Unfortunately our giggling lost us precious time, and before we knew it, the jocks had turned up. We carefully stepped aside, heads down, trying to blend in with the walls. Jocks and nerds don't mix. When they were all gone, we slowly looked up. First thing I saw was a maroon football jersey. Then I felt a cold finger under my chin, lifting my head for me until I was looking into the cutest pair of brown eyes I've ever seen.

"Hey, what's your name?" He asked in a slightly seductive voice. It totally broke the spell. I raised an eyebrow and snorted slightly. What an idiot.

"OK, so you must be new here. For starters, nobody speaks to the nerds, secondly, I don't talk to players, and finally-" I slapped him, "Get your hand off my face, you dumb idiot!" He took a step back as I glared at him, trying my hardest not to laugh, but I failed miserable, cracking a grin and laughing at the poor guy. Not his fault he was born dumb. Me and Gracie were leaning on each other for support we were laughing so hard.

"I… um… better be, uh, going…" The guy said, pointing to the door and walking off as fast as he could. This just made us laugh harder until we were rolling on the ground. Literally.

Twenty minutes later, still giggling occasionally as we remembered the look on the guy's face, we were walking towards my house, stopping to buy some essentials on the way. When we arrived home to an empty house, which was no surprise as my parents were always at work and my sister was always out on dates, none of which gave birth to very long relationships, 2 weeks being her record. We switched the channel to ABC3, always the best channel for stupid kids shoes. By kids shows, I mean kids of about 11 or 12. We began digging into our recently purchased bag of essentials. Me going straight for the chocolate bullets, and Gracie diving for the skittles.

Two hours, 3 weird shows about girls living in households with no mother and a heap of brothers and 1 show about some fish who was in love with a 10 year old later, we switched off the TV and helped ourselves to some dinner. Neither of our parents seemed to mind that we were always at each other's houses. It seemed that the only time we spent apart was when we were in separate classes.

Through mouthfuls of spaghetti bolognaise, we discussed the hilarious incident with the football jock.

"I still can't believe he had the nerve to talk to a nerd like that! I mean, everybody knows that we're off limits." Gracie said, between mouthfuls.

"Ah! We're not off limits, it's just nobody in their right mind would want to date me!" I said, though I've no idea how Gracie understood what the hell I was saying due to the copious amounts of spaghetti spilling out of my mouth.

"OI! Let me put this straight! Firstly, you are the most gorgeous babe on the planet. Second, if we are off limits, what's Nathan-" Here I cut in.

"Dude, Nathan's a nerd too!"

"Yeah, whatever. Thirdly, this guy clearly wanted to do something too you, showing that you are indeed a man monster."

"A WHAT?!?!?!" I exclaimed, spitting spaghetti all over Grace.

"Well thankyou very much, but don't mind if I take a shower?" It was more of a statement than anything, but she made it sound like a question.

"Oh, yeah, sorry…" I say, following her upstairs.

After changing into my pyjamas and sitting down on my side of my double bed, I thought about those amazing brown eyes. What can I say? I'm attracted to brown eyes! I lay back on the bed. I don't even know if he was hot. All I can remember are those eyes. Ah! So beautiful. If only they were attached to the face of some gorgeous Doctor Who fan. Not a stupid football jock.

15 minutes later, Gracie came in, wrapped in a towel. I turned my back, so I was staring at the wall as she got dressed. Yes, she owned half my closet. Just as I owned half of hers. And she also owned half of my king size double bed, just as I owned the second bed in her bedroom. OK, yes, we slept over at each others house practically every day. Got a problem with that? I don't think my parents even know which one us is their biological child anymore. I even get confused about that too sometimes. Very rarely though…

"What 'cha thinkin' about, sister?" Asked Gracie.

"Those eyes…" I said wistfully.


"Yeah, that guy who tried to hit on me today had the most amazing brown eyes I've ever seen. I think I'm in love with them."

"Whatever, Trevor. Goodnight." But I did catch Gracie smile a small smile to herself.

"Nighty night, dear. But you do realise it's only 7:30. Up for some She's The Man?"

"OK!" One of our many favourite movies. We sat and watched She's The Man until we fell asleep.

OK, so thanks for reading that! Hope you liked it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment! ALso, tell me if you want to be updated, tell me if you hate it, because honestly, I probably would if I were to read it as an outsider. But whatever! SO YEAH! SEE YA!

xx Ruby Rose


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