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A Visit from the Angels (10)

Book By: acbochette

Chapter 10 of AVftA

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Chapter 10

Hailey saw those girls. They were picking on her. Her old friends were being mean. And she couldn't see it until now.

She was tired of them being mean. She got up and stomped over to those girls. "Hey! You leave her alone." Hailey yelled. Amber-Lynn Fletcher turned and glared at her.

"You just go away Hailey. We're not your friend's anymore." Hailey grabbed the girl by her hair. Amber-Lynn screamed. Hailey pounced on the girl and wrestled her to the ground.

The teacher ran over to them and snatched Hailey off of her. The other two girls that were with Amber-Lynn had run off.

"What in the world is going on here?" Miss Fenters cried. "Miss Fenters! Those girls tried to beat me up. They called me names and then Hailey went crazy and jumped on me."

"That's not true!" Hailey squirmed to get to the girl again. "Enough! You three go to the principles office." Cassidy smiled at Hailey. Hailey grinned and took the girl's hand.

"Well. Who wants to go first?" Amber-Lynn's hand shot up. "Mrs. Gallagher, they tried to hurt me. They called me names and then Hailey beat me up. She almost broke my nose. It only just stopped bleeding." Amber-Lynn batted her eyelashes.

"Is this true?" Patty Gallagher turned to Hailey. "No ma'am. I only jumped on her. I didn't hit her or anything." "Okay. Amber-Lynn, you may go. Cassidy, I want you to go sit outside my office. I'll talk to you next."

Cassidy looked around timidly before seating herself outside the door. Amber-Lynn smiled devilishly and skipped off. When the door was closed, Mrs. Gallagher turned to Hailey.

"Alright Hailey, tell me what really happened." Hailey sighed. "I was drawing on the concrete with my chalk and I saw Amber-Lynn and two other girls picking on Cassidy. So I got up and went over there."

Hailey told her how Amber-Lynn told her to go away and how she had jumped on her, how Miss Fenters had pulled them apart and how Amber-Lynn had lied.

"And then she made us come here and you sent Amber-Lynn home and made Cassidy sit outside and…" "Okay, I think I'm caught up to speed now." Hailey smiled. "Hailey, I'm sure you're telling the truth, but I still have to call your Mom."

Hailey sighed. "Yes ma'am." Hailey waited while the woman dialed her mother's number. "She didn't pick up." "Oh! She's at work. I forgot." Patty sighed audibly and fished through her paper work. She picked out Hailey's emergency contact information.

"Hello, Mr. Brenner? Yes, I have Hailey here. No, she's okay, she got in a little scuffle and the rules are, she goes home for the day. Her mother is at work so you were next in line. If you can, I need you to come pick Hailey up. Yes, she can return to school tomorrow. Alright then, good bye."

Paul came into the office with a frown. "Hailey, what were you thinking?" The girl hopped off the bench and took his hand. "Well, on the bright side, I made a new friend." Paul laughed and picked her up.


"Hailey, I shouldn't even take you today. I can't believe you got in that fight. Cassidy, you're a bad influence." Cassidy giggled.

Grace smiled and returned to her driving. Hailey and Cassidy had become much closer; Hailey had invited her to go dress shopping for the Father-Daughter dance.

They pulled into the dress shop. "Okay girls, stay with me. Okay?" The two girls nodded. Grace unlocked the door.

"Hi! I'm Mrs. Stacey, whatever you need, you just give me a holler." "Well actually, we need your help. I need to find a dress for her today." "I have a dance in two weeks." Hailey smiled.

"Aw, aren't you two just the cutest. Okay, come this way." Stacey led the way to the junior section. Stacey pulled dress after dress off the hanger. "Here," she cried as she dumped the dresses into Grace's arms. "These should fit."

Stacey scampered off, leaving them dazed and confused. "Uh-okay, come on girls." They all squeezed into the tiny dressing room.

Two hours later and about twenty dresses, Hailey had the perfect dress. It was long and pink. It was a halter dress with sequins all over it. It fit her perfectly and she looked absolutely gorgeous. "Okay girls, how about some lunch?"


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