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Fireworks (One Direction Love Story) Chapter 4

Book By: Ajdiee

Darcy Tomlinson and her best friend Eleanor Cadler can\\\'t wait for the return of the boys. Darcy can\\\'t wait to see the boys but most of all she wished to see her brother Louis. Eleanor\\\'s heart belongs to Lou but what will come out of that? Darcy is caught off guard and needs to make a choice that will change her life. Forever

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Chapter 4: Meeting

Niall's Proverb

"Darcy can I please have only one more?!"

"But Ni you already got 9 bags of junk food!"

"Darc, I wanna have 10!"

She signed and said,

"Fine. But only this time Ni."


I flung my arms around her and pulled her in for a hug. She giggled and then we continued.

"So, Darc what's with you and Harry…?"

Her eyes flashed up to mine and she asked,


"Darc it's so obvious. Something is definitely going on between you two."

"No it's not!"

"You can tell me Darc. Plus it won't hurt to admit you like him. He likes you so…"

"What? He likes me?"

"It's beyond obvious! He can't keep his eyes off you!"

"You sure?"

"Of course!

She looked nervous.

"Ni…can you keep a secret?"

I smiled and squeezed her free hand.

"Of course."

"I…do...I really do like him, but I don't know why. I mean we've always been friends….and what if he doesn't like me…"

"Darcy! He likes you!"

"OMG!!! You're Niall! Niall from One Direction!"

We turned around and saw a beautiful girl about our age standing there, with nutella in her hand starring. Niall flashed her his smile and I waved.

"Hey! Yeah I am! What's your name babe?"

"Hehe, I'm Elena!"

"That's such a cool name!"

"Who are you?"

"I'm Darcy. Louis's sister."

"And also our best friend AND soon to be Harry's girlfriend!"


"OMG that's so cute! I bet you two would look tots adorbs together!"

"Aww thanks! You seen like a cool girl. Wanna hang out some time?"

Her eyes widened and she smiled,

"Yeah! Here's my number. Call me some time!"

"Well, it was lovely meeting you… right Niall?"

"Yeah…a real pleasure."

She quickly scribbled her number on a piece of pink paper and skipped away. We waved her of and I turned to Niall who was all red.

"Ni!! You totally like her! Here!"

She handed me the paper with Elena's number on it and winked at me. Then we walked towards the cashier to pay. I looked in all directions trying to spot the beautiful girl but she was nowhere to be seen. Darcy kept on sneaking glances into my direction while paying. I saw a smile play on her lips as she figured out who I was searching for. Once we payed we left the store and loaded the car. I turned on the radio and put on my seat belt. Darcy leaned forward and looked at me. I turned my face to look at her and she said,

"Well, call her!"

"But it's been like 3 minutes…"



"No buts! She's bound to like you! You're so cute!"


I quickly dialed the number and put it on speaker so Darcy could hear. We waited a few seconds. She picked up on the first beep.


"Hey Elena! It's Niall, from the store?"

"Oh hey Niall! What's up?"

"Oh, nothing. I was just wondering if you wanna drop by this evening. We're having a movie night with the guys, Darc and El. Wanna join?"

"Oh yeah totally! What's the address?"

"C/O Modest MGMT. The Matrix Complex, 91 Peterborough Road, London SW6 3BU"

"Hm… ok...I'll try and find my way there."

"Babe, just call if you need help."

"Thanks! See you soon! Bye!"

"Bye babe!"

I hung up and looked at Darcy. She was trying to hold a laugh all this time.

"OMG Ni!!! She's coming!!! She's gonna love you"

"Then drive home! We need to get everything ready!!"

She giggled and drove the car. I looked out the window thinking. She was gorgeous… and nice. I can't wait until today. It's going to be a magical evening. I could feel it in my stomach. I smiled at the thought, closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride, knowing Darcy was sneaking glances in my direction.

Sorry, if this is a boring chapter… The next one is a lot better this was just a leading into the really awesome one! Comment and like plzz! :***



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