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Book By: amypriedemay

A teenage girl called Ruby finds out she is a witch, like many of her relatives and ancestors before her. She if forced by her mother to still attend school, where she finds it excruciatingly hard to interact with humans, much less relate to them. Then she meets Nate ... but he has a secret of his own.

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Chapter 1. Departure.
The hardest day of my life was easily the day I said goodbye. Goodbye to everything and everyone that I knew and loved. At the same time I said hello. Hello to the unknown, the unexpected, my future.
I could never forgive myself for ruining the lives of those who cared about me the most. I remembered the way their salty, hot tears stained my clothes as I hugged them for the last time. My father, Brett. My boyfriend, Cameron. My brother, Joseph. The three men who meant more to me than anyone else in my life. I had turned my back on them. It had hurt me more than any other pain I had ever felt to see my father and Cameron crying over me. Only Joseph didn't cry. His eyes hardened as I hugged him, his body stiff. I knew he was angry and that worried me. Not for my sake . . . I had always known he would react this way, and I didn't blame him for that . . . his anger worried me for him. I didn't know how deep it would cut into him. I didn't know if I was killing my own brother inside.
I became very good at lying in the days leading up to my departure. I lied when I was asked why I was leaving. I told the standard cover story of my craving independence. I lied when asked where I planned on going. I falsely informed my loved ones that I was going to stay with a friend in Los Angeles for a couple of years. I had needed to use somewhere far away, across the globe . . . so that no-one would ever come looking for me. I told everyone not to write to me or try to call - that I wouldn't reply or answer. Though I had heard the harsh edge to my words and seen the desolation their eyes, I knew I couldn't tell the truth. I couldn't tell them about my mother being alive after all this time without having to tell them about the letter she left me when she ran away. I was breaking their hearts by leaving, but I would be killing them if I stayed. Literally.
After waving my father, my brother and my boyfriend goodbye from the window of my taxi, I had consulted my map. I clutched the money I'd stashed away for years in my fist and located Melbourne. I had taken out the letter from my mother, explaining her disappearance and begging for my secrecy.
My dearest Ruby,
Firstly, I am sorry. I can only pray that one day you will understand what I am about to tell you and forgive me. Until then, all I can do is try to explain.
Ruby, I am not human as you, your father and your brother are. I am a witch. Perhaps like the kind in those fairytales I used to read to you and Joseph when you were only children. I am completely different, in lifestyle habits and . . . other ways . . . from you.
I don't know if this will affect you in any way. Until we find out, I am so sorry. I have to leave and join others of my kind - the further away from you, your father and Joseph I am, the better. It is for your own safety. In this envelope I have included a large portion of money. Please keep this letter a secret - you are never to tell anyone what I have just confided in you. When and if the time comes, take the money. You will find me in Melbourne. I have also included a map. On the map I have marked my exact whereabouts. I do not know if you are destined to the same fate as it appears I am, but just in case, I will be waiting.
I love you, please don't ever forget that.
The letter had gone on to plead that I look after Joseph as though I was his own mother, and to make sure he knew that no matter what she had done and how things seemed, she loved him.
I had indeed inherited the same fate as my mother, Lyn. Thus, the reason I left and the reason I was sitting in that very taxi studying a map and gripping a wad of dollar notes.


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