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Life Without Alex

Book By: ana jester

Taking place in New Jersey, Ana Laketon and her friend Alex Noren grow apart; one night, Alex is in a car accident after an argument and in a coma. Sometime later, Ana begins to see him, making others believe she is losing her mind.

Submitted:Jan 2, 2011    Reads: 33    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

"You're messing me up, Alex!" Ana shouted at her friend. He just laughed. "I'm not messing you up, you just really suck." Alex then pulled the guitar controller's fretboard upward, initiating the aide of the Star Power," You got the fingers to play guitar and bass so I don't see how you're screwing up." Ana just glared, biting her lower lip, a habit. "Asshole," she said, his only response was laughter. Muse, Knights of Cydonia, finally ended, to her relief. "Okay, your pick." Ana stretched her hands and rubbed her forearms. "Just a sec." He began to scroll through the songs. She loved to play Guitar Hero 3 with Alex, but it was hell for her hands and forearms. She stretched more, trying to find relief for her Carpal Tunnel. Surgery could be done, as Alex once told her, but she only pushed that away. No one's going to butcher my arms up, she thought. And had told him. She adjusted the strap of the controller, then looked up to see his choice. "What's your pick?" Ana looked at him, and already knew it. "Through the Fire and Flames by Drsagonforce," his coffee brown eyes gleamed. She shook her head, then turned to the screen with only one word. " Asshole." They began to play. Ana had been friends with Alex since her ninth day of middle school. He was shorter then, but people change. Now that she is 20 years old, she noticed he only changed in height. Alex had gone from 5 ft.3 to 5 ft.9. Same brown shaggy hair, wisps of it across his forehead. Same coffee colored eyes that read her so simply that it annoys her when he asks:" I know something''s up, tell me." Alex has high cheekbones, medium skin tone, and a smile that'll make any girl feel weak in the knees. Not only that, she's also felt weak throughout her body at the sound of his voice. He has that, I don't know, alluring voice. Seductive, deep like. She wouldn't ever tell him that though, they're friends! Friends don't think that way about each other, she thought. But he always took care of her throughout the years, helpful, caring, loving. " I'm tearing you up again, baby," he said. She got mad at him. " I hate it when you call me baby!" Alex laughed at her. He only does that to annoy me, she thought. The only downside to him is how he acts toward other guys who talk to her or boyfriends. When she'd have a boyfriend, Alex would be distant and upset, mean toward other guys and become overprotective of her. And that had coarsened since that night at the party- "Ana," Alex said," your phone is ringing." She stopped thinking. "Pause, please." Alex paused the game and watched her check the caller I.D. His heart leaped as he waited. "Who is it?" Alex asked with curiosity. "It's Jeff," Ana was excited. His heart dropped and he turned away, holding in his pain and regret for telling her the phone was ringing. Yeah, chances are she probably would have noticed, but when she's in deep thought then she'll ignore surroundings. Alex silently listened to her dismay, counting down. He felt anger building up.


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