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The Loss of Love

Book By: ana jester

Taking place in Pitsburgh, PA, Alex Reymorson was living how he always wanted, including marrying his longtime girlfriend. But a car crash changed his life and is left with the decision: to give up life or restart. He begins a new persona and can't ever be back to his before life.

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Chapter 1
The sound of the car came closer; the wreckage was loud and clear.
Alex sat up quickly and gasped. It was a dream. The same dream from the past few nights. Doesn't matter now though, it was morning now and he had plans. He looked at the clock on the nightstand and seen it was after 8:00 a.m., beside his clock is the framed photo of him and his girlfriend from three years ago. He got up and decided to start the day.
Alex brushed his teeth and washed his face. Thinking about his plans for the day and hoping they would turn out okay. He was born in Westchester, Pennsylvania, but lived the rest of his life in Pittsburgh. And he didn't meet Myla Peterson until the 11th grade. Ever since going out to the park for a walk that day in summer, they've been together since. Not much of him has changed since. His hair was still dark brown and a little shaggy, eyes still brown, tall. He never changed. And probably never will.
After getting ready, he grabbed his cell phone and went to the kitchen and dialed Myla's number. Meanwhile, Myla had been sleeping still when her phone went off.
"Hello, Alex."
"Good morning to you too Myla." He said while rummaging through the fridge. Myla yawned and sat up better.
"I just woke up," she said while glancing to the window," How's your morning so far?"
"I'm out of juice," Alex said while pouring the rest of the orange juice into the glass cup, afterward, throwing the carton away," You don't mind if I come over later do you? We can go somewhere??"
"I never would mind," she responded, smiling," Where will we go though?" She got up and went into the bathroom to look in the mirror.
"Oh, I don't know… Do you wanna go for a walk in the park?"
"Sure, I feel like walking."
"Alright, I'll be over in 30 minutes." He picked up the glass.
"I'll be ready then."
"Alright… love you." He said.
"Love you too." He hung up the phone and she threw her phone on the bed and went to look for clean clothes. Alex was happy. Everything going how he wanted it to be. While thinking of that, he took a long drink from the glass and gagged, spitting out the juice on the counter. He turned to the sink and rinsed his mouth out. After doing so, he looked at the juice, and then went to the trash to get the carton. He looked at the date.
" … Expired a month ago." Alex grew silent as he thought about it and responded with the word:" S***."
Chapter 2
Alex- after his juice incident- decided to go and pick up his girlfriend. He got into his black dodge and started the car. Forgetting his radio was up loud, all he could hear was static from the radio station being faded. He panicked and struggled to turn it down. After succeeding with that, he decided to listen to his Bloodhound Gang mix cd. After turning it on, the song One Way began to blast through the speakers.
The day was warm and sunny; people walked down the streets and drove by, stopping at stop lights. He thought about what he wanted to talk to his girlfriend about. But would she want to hear him out? He thought that when he pulled up to her home. A one story brick house. Alex forgot about his thoughts as he saw Myla running out to his car, something about her always brightened his life, no matter what. He loved her. Myla got into the car, they smiled at one another, and drove on to the destination.
"You listen to a lot of Bloodhound Gang, Alex." She said while looking out the window.

" I'm a fan… My first concert was Bloodhound Gang."

" Our first time was to Rang Dang." she added.

" First makeout was to Mope... You wouldn't stop laughing." They both laughted.

" It's a funny song. You laughed too." and he responded with a smile and a laugh.

They finally made it to the park, but he began to have problems with getting the car to park. Just when he thought he figured it out, the car almost began speeding forward. He managed to get the car to jerk to a stop. While the sun was out and flowers blooming for the first of spring, they held hands and talked among each other. Kids played on a nearby jungle gym and parents watched on, being alert.


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