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Chocoalate crush ep 4

Book By: angelbunny111

Tags: Love, Erotica

when Mika meets Justin, her whole life changes, does he like her as much as she likes him? Well... read on to find more... >3

Submitted:Feb 23, 2012    Reads: 61    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Mika's P.O.V

I shook my head in a daze, what was going on? Did I feel the exact same way as Justin did? No it couldn't be, I'm no beauty queen, someone like him wouldn't ever set his eyes on me. That was strange. Justin was still staring at me as if he was in a trance. I didn't understand. For my entire life, my stepmother made me feel contemp as if I was rubbish and here I am, someone who actually thinks I'm pretty! I didn't have a lot of friends at school only my BFF Jess and even Maria Richelle Huong hated me. I didn't even get why. She was such a bitch...

IJustin's P.O.V

Mika blushed as I stared at her, she was so pretty and once, Emilia had warned me not to mention anything about Mika's stepmother because that would obviously upset her. But Mika was so gorgeous, how could her stepmother reject such a beautiful girl? I thought of Maria Richelle Huong. She was spoilt and bitchy, I hated her and I knew she liked me.

''What's your locker number?'' I asked her. Mika thought for a second. ''597.'' I thought about my locker number, 596!'' I laughed. Mika smiled as well her hazel eyes shining like stars.


''Do you mind sharing a bed with Mika?'' Emilia hissed at me. I nodded. ''That's fine.'' I felt my butterflies in my stomach. Mika... Was so gorgeous and I was sleeping right next to her, I sighed dreamily. Emilia smirked her brown eyes glittering.

Mika was wearing really cute Pj's. A loose silk top that was pink and matching shorts. Her hair down like a golden waterfall streaming down her back. ''You look really cute.'' I began shyly. ''Thanks Justin, you look cuter.'' Her compliment made my heart sparkle with pride,In was wearing a loose top and shorts. I gestured her to get in bed first, ''ladies first.'' I smiled. Mika laughed and slid in. I slid in next to her.

Mika's P.O.V

I felt so awkward, lying next to Justin, he looked so cute and warm, I couldn't help but smile. '' So Mika, do you like highschool?'' Justin turned to me. I shrugged,''It's okay, but some girls are really bitchy.'' I replied, he nodded.''Maria Richelle Huong right?'' I was startled, how did he know? ''Well, I guess so. Maria is really well, superior.''Justin nodded. ''I know.'' He put an arm around me and nuzzled into my shoulder. I felt embarrased. What if Natasha or Emilia saw us. ''I like you a lot Mika Toreanski and I wanna know, will you be my girlfriend?'' Justin asked me....


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